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  1. Noob with

    Same here, though with harsher language.

    Got the new wheels/tires (Quadratec Hardrock/Falken Wildpeaks) yesterday so I ignored the off/on rain and chilly temps to put them on.
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    New tires and wheels came in today, so despite the off/on rain and temps, I felt obligated to put them on. LOL
  4. Noob with

    The Tazer cost $300+ which was a little over my budget.
  5. Noob with

    Thanks! I have piddled around with mine. It will kill the ESS but they can't get the instrument warning light to stay off. Have still patiently waiting on my tires to try that.
  6. Noob with

    So I just finished turning off my horn honk when I lock/unlock the doors. My tires won't be in for awhile, so what other neat little things can I do to/for my Sport S while waiting on them? And can I just leave the vgate iCar thing in all the time or should I disconnect it and plug those wires...
  7. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    I bought my first Wrangler, a 2005 LJ about 3 years ago.....simply because Wranglers are super easy to tow 4-down behind an RV. This past summer, when its mechanical problems outgrew my ability and budget, I got a JL Sport S to replace it. It's my daily driver and will probably never see...
  8. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    Extreme Terrain, "SEC10 Hood Decal, Matte Black". I had ordered a cheaper one from Amazon (that oddly enough had a nicer 'squeegee') that had cutouts for the footman loops or whatever you call those thingies on the hood. Made it awkward to put on. I totally botched that install, mainly since it...
  9. Granite Crystal vd Sting Sting Gray

    I am envious of you all who had time to order the color you wanted. Unfortunately, I needed a DD RIGHT THEN and took the GCM off the lot. :LOL: I prefer silver, but the one they had just had the cold weather package. The GCM had the technology package. I do like the color (better than the SG)...
  10. Do I need a programmer?

    Well, that is sort of why I doubt I need one. It's a Sport S, I don't think I can even do those things (though I would love to kill the ESS).
  11. Do I need a programmer?

    I decided that I wanted to get new tires/wheels for my Sport S. While digging through mountains of pictures and adds and articles, one nugget I found was that by moving up to 33s, I supposedly throw off my speedometer by 2 mph. "No problem" sez I. "I can remember that." But then as I am wont...
  12. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    One of the first things I noticed when I got my JL....sun glare off the hood. This 'sticker' fixed that nicely.

    I suppose I should participate instead of just asking noob questions elsewhere. LOL My '05 LJ finally succumbed to "I'm not gonna pay all that to fix it" syndrome, so I naturally replaced it with another Jeep. A Sport S with the tech package. Haven't done much to it other than replace the...
  14. Noob to new tires/wheels...some help please

    Oh man, I did not need to go there. LOL
  15. Noob to new tires/wheels...some help please

    I think at MOST I want 285/70s. I don't want to gain too much height or my tow bar geometry will be jacked up (I think). 275/70R17 is my sweet spot I think. No real changes need to be made to the Jeep, it'll look good, and still do what I need on the road. The wheels I'm looking at primarily...
  16. Noob to new tires/wheels...some help please

    I cut those out in the first two weeks I had my Jeep. 😆 I just have to pick out what wheel I want. Thanks all!
  17. Noob to new tires/wheels...some help please

    It just occurred to me....if splash guards = "mud flaps", I don't have those. LOL
  18. Pic request...looking for Mammoth Boulder or Quadratec '41 wheel owners

    I've got a 2-door Granite Crystal Metallic JL begging for some new shoes. I'm kinda torn on the wheels, it's come down to the Mammoth Boulder Beadlock style in Charcoal and the Quadratec '41 in Gunmetal or Black with the machined lip. I'll probably be sticking those BF Goodrich KO2s on there...
  19. Noob to new tires/wheels...some help please

    Yeah, I'm not going crawling or mudding....basically rocky roads (not trails LOL) in the southwest Been looking on both, but not able to build the combos I like. One either has the tire I want but no wheels, or vice versa. I have been piddling around on Tire Rack too. LOL What about 32"...