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  1. How to drive in snow and ice, for dummies...

    Great advice from all. I would add the brake is not your friend on the snow and ice. Rather than use it, take your foot off the gas and slow down gradually. If you feel slippage in your wheels, take your foot off the gas and coast. If you MUST use the brake, a light touch is best. When you...
  2. How many miles is enough to begin modifications?

    I have a JLURD, and for me it was more about parts availability than mileage. I ordered the Jeep in Oct 2019 and picked it up the end of March 2020. I started ordering parts in Nov 2019. Did a few mods, new hood, bumpers, and RSE steps. Then had to wait for parts to be developed for the diesel...
  3. Would 5'6" wife have issues climbing in / out of Rubicon?

    My wife is 4'9" and nearing 60. With the assist of the RSE steps and grab handles, she has no trouble getting in. Of course that is stock. As I write this, my Evo Coilovers and Dynatrac axles are being install along with 37" Nittos. So we will have to see how she does now. :LOL:
  4. Shop for Customer Supplied Lift Kit Install - East WA or NE OR?

    You could always come to Silverdale WA and go to Northridge 4x4. They are a site sponsor. I know they are out a couple months to do any installs, but I would recommend them. They are in the middle of my install. Coilovers, axles, etc
  5. Lost Rear Spring.

    Your all missing the point. He is simply laying the ground work for that suspension upgrade. We need to support this evolution of his Jeep. He needs to be able to show his wife that this has happened before that the best solution is to upgrade his suspension. "Honey, my right rear spring came...
  6. Repercussions of regeneration?

    The issues is one of not knowing exactly when a regen is happening. Yes, you can infer when it happens by the reduction of mileage, and the smell. One would think that after all the time spent with RAM Gen 2 diesel, FCA would finally get around to adding messages to notify the operator that a...
  7. Totaled my JL

    Glad you are OK. On the new one, get a better bumper and next time hit the gas! ;-)
  8. I think I purchased too much Jeep?

    To the OP (Jeme), the regen is not bad. The only issue I have with it is that the only way to tell you have gone into a regen cycle is mileage drops. If you interrupt the cycle by turning off the engine, the cycle does not restart when you start the engine again. GDE, tuner, is working on a...

    You notice the "Integrated Off-Road Camera" for $595, under grills? Would be real nice to be able to retrofit it to the 2020.
  10. Diesel fuel costs

    It's interesting, diesel in Aug 2018 was $3.15 per gallon and today it's $2.18. Oil is under $40 per bbl. Even when diesel was over $4 per gallon, I have never regretted owning a diesel. I do not see that changing any time soon. Cost per mile is still cheaper than gas. I know our taxes are near...
  11. What is the average age of a JL Rubicon owner

    I am in my early 60s. About 20 years ago, I retired from the Navy after nearly 27 years. I went back to work for the department of the navy as a civilian. When folks ask why I am still working, my wife retired last year, I tell them that as long as they pay me I will continue to show up. I...
  12. Tracking Jeep JLUR Diesel Issues

    Just picked the Jeep up. Turned out to be the crankshaft dampner. Tech said they found a bolt lodged behind the dampner and the block. They feel its been there since manufacture. No idea how it would take 750 miles for it to cause an issue. Well Jeep is back in the garage.
  13. Tracking Jeep JLUR Diesel Issues

    Tom, I guess I need access to the issues spread sheet. I have 750 miles on my jeep and it is sitting at a dealer getting repaired. Started making a grinding noise, sounded like the bearing in the belt tensioner or water pump. Dealer said they could not find anything. So while I was driving...
  14. Eco Diesel and Tunes

    I love GDE. Had their tune on my Gen 2. I talked to them in Feb and they said they were trying to have their EPA compliant tune done within 12 months. Sure was nice to see the regen message so you could actually know when the regen was completed. Would have been even better if FCA could have...
  15. Post your 2020 JL build status

    After 164 Days, JLURD Ordered: 10/07/2019 Build sheet: 2/17 Window sticker: 2/13 Picked it up: 3/19
  16. Alternative filler neck for large diesel nozzles?

    If you check in where your jack is, you may find a surprise. Look on the right side. Mine came with an adapter for the large nozzles.
  17. Start of 3.0 Production

    Well folks after 164 days.... The Dealer told me on Monday that it would take an additional two weeks, but it showed up on Wednesday. There were 25 miles on it. There were about a dozen fuses that needed to be seated. This is my first Jeep. My impressions are that the cabin is tight...
  18. Start of 3.0 Production

    Hey, where are we on the Yellow Can decals? Have not heard anything for a while and with more being delivered figured I would bring it up again. Not that I have mine yet, but it is getting closer. Hopefully next week.
  19. Start of 3.0 Production

    Congrats Mitch. Nice to see more of the early orders getting completed.