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  1. TFL Gets 19 MPG Over 250 Miles With 392 Wrangler

    As with my 5.7 Hemi TJ, looks like the Hemi does better than the 6cyl. I gained 1-1.5 over the 4.0 inline 6 in the TJ. They got 19 with mountain passes. I get 17-18 freeway only with the 3.6 V-6 and no mountain pass.
  2. Ford Raptor rear shocks on JL!!!

    Welcome to aftermarket :facepalm: I went through this also. it will always about 1/2 off from side to side. I tried both a 1/2 and a 1 inch spacer. It would be either taller or shorter no matter what. The Synergy's has a left and right spring like the stock springs. Not promoting their product...
  3. Ford Raptor rear shocks on JL!!!

    You are on the eibach springs correct? Still and single rate. I'm on the Synergy multi rates now. I really do like them over the factory/aftermarket single rate. This is my opinion, of course........
  4. Ford Raptor rear shocks on JL!!!

    To my untrained eye: The street video, looks like it ran out of travel too fast? The shock's high speed compression is not firm enough? Is this correct thinking? But the low speed for normal street needs to be softened still? Great stuff Thanks for the education here.
  5. Ford Raptor rear shocks on JL!!!

    Outstanding!!! I feel the Mojave's are a little firm in the rear too. Same thing, need the wife ( film crew ) to know for sure. The raptor are a better buy cost wise for sure. I going to keep an eye out for a set in the rear to try.
  6. Understanding the ECU 101..:or how im getting over 20mpg on 37’s

    Have you had a chance to try the manual shift yet? Curious to hear if it pushes your mpg's even higher.
  7. Texas Brand New Mopar Lift Fox Shocks

    Yes, Mopar parts are sold on line. Just google. Use the Mopar part # above 2 - fronts and 2 rears. You will be about $1k for these. You could find the whole Mopar lift on sale sometimes for the same $1k. These were a good buy ( BRAND NEW for $600 )
  8. Ecodiesel Rubicon suspension swap

    With the 68 and 02 springs you will get at least 1.5 lift. Those are the firmer set of 3.0 springs, I have not tried them. Only the 67 and 01's. I seen 1.5 on my JLUR with hard top, steel bumpers, tow, and 12K winch on the nose. My best guess would be more 2" with no adders to your JLUR with...
  9. Ecodiesel Rubicon suspension swap

    Not if you keep it with just springs. If you go with spacers ( 2" ) you will need the shock extensions. Keep it simple, try what you have, then adjust as needed.
  10. Ecodiesel Rubicon suspension swap

    Just put the stock set up first. Feel it out, then adjust if needed. If you want it a little softer run the JL Fox Rubicon shocks.
  11. Teraflex vs. Fox Steering Stabilizer - Advice Needed

    I'm running the Fox 2.0. I bought it used, the "pull issue" why selling. I live in the PNW and roads have a big crown to them. My jeep would always like to follow the crown in the road ( pull to right .) With the Fox 2.0 it like's to push ( load ) to the left, perfect!! It works outstanding...
  12. Canadian build Jeep in US questions

    Call other fca dealer in your area. Ask for service and give the vin # tell them you have warranty work to be done. See if they say it is under warranty. I have always know it as no. It's either US or its Canadian. No cross over warranty work. Good luck
  13. Ford Raptor rear shocks on JL!!!

    Brand New only $742. For bypass shocks. Jeep stuff, that would not get you half of one shock......
  14. Understanding the ECU 101..:or how im getting over 20mpg on 37’s

    I have a 5 mile run ( to and from ) @ 35-40 mph, I run it in the 7th. Anytime at freeway speed ( above 55 mph ) hit 8th. It comes down to keeping the rpm to 1500 or just under. Much less then 1500 it really becomes a dog. That's it. It sounds like it should not change the average mpg's, but it...
  15. Ford Raptor rear shocks on JL!!!

    Crazy Cool man :rock:
  16. Understanding the ECU 101..:or how im getting over 20mpg on 37’s

    Yes, I'm getting worse mpg than you. What I'm saying is my setup would only get 17-18 mpg's no matter what I did. With a simple manual shift strategy I have boosted my mpg's. No changes made other than dropping the rpm. Mine would like to "hang on" to a lower gear then needed. Yes, it's a dog...
  17. Ford Raptor rear shocks on JL!!!

    You will have to help me on this question. Can a spacer be added to the rod to limit the extended travel? I know this would mess with the bypass zone, but with 4" of bypass? Would a 1" spacer work?
  18. Ecodiesel Rubicon suspension swap

    The Rubicon red's all feel about the same. The diesel ones I had were 68273119AD and 68272561AD. Jeep changes the part# for shocks all the time. Not sure if these are still good #'s as 2021 model's might have new shock #'s. The good thing is springs still stay with the same #'s.
  19. Understanding the ECU 101..:or how im getting over 20mpg on 37’s

    Bought it new. Has 8000 miles on it now. Have every tank/mpg fill record. It has only gotten 17-18 mpg's.. It has a lift with crap on it now ( since 3500 miles ) still gets 17-18 mpg's. I use a tazer mini to correct the speedo. Still 17-18 mpg's. Started with the last 2 fill up's with using...
  20. Ecodiesel Rubicon suspension swap

    Gene You will need to get the tag #'s off the springs. Rubicon Diesel's are 3667 or 3668 AD Fronts. Rear's are 3601 and 3602 AA Do not use gas spring they are shorter than the diesel springs.