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  1. Canadian build Jeep in US questions

    @JeepCares Can you folks help this gentleman? Greg, I don't have an answer, but maybe these folks can help. I would think it would be under warranty, but that may be just wishful thinking on my part. Good luck, I hope you find the answer soon.
  2. Custom insulated headliners

    Donald, I went with the @Hothead Headliners, and am really pleased with the quality. I was even surprised that the Alpine system in my Jeep even sounded better after the install. They are easy to install, and are a quality product at a reasonable price. I don't think they have any special...
  3. Stop/Start Not Ready-Battery Charging

    Sorry for the late reply....... @JeepCares Thanks Courtney, I have an appointment at my dealer, and I'm sure they will fix the problem. They've always been very helpful. Jim
  4. Autopark Got Me

    I agree. Sadly, all it takes is one stupid person to get hurt trying to move their Jeep forward, and then the "company lawyers" kick in. I guess they figure they need to come up with as much ignorant "nannies" as they can to show they are earning their salary. SMH
  5. Wheel brand question - Method vs Vision vs Fuel

    Dang Brad, I was going to say the same only using different words. Like you I prefer fewer spokes for ease of cleaning. Skip, I'm of no use in helping you pick. I like them all. :)
  6. Stop/Start Not Ready-Battery Charging

    Oh brother, thank you for this post. My '20 is saying the same thing. I'm always hesitant to roll into a service dept. for an electrical issue without at least a minute idea of what's happening. This time I'll be able to say the right words to the Service Writer so they won't start "rotating the...
  7. Engine Break In

    Just what I was going to say Randy. OP, don't overthink the situation. Just use your common sense, easy does it, and everything will go just fine. Varying your speed at interstate speeds is important. But basically that means don't drive for hours at the same speed. Like most interstates there...
  8. Stupid things non-Wrangler owners say

    And let's face it, who else but another Jeep owner would put a "Little Rubber Ducky" somewhere on your Jeep. :)
  9. Question About Jeep Value (before I take delivery today)

    Jeeps do hold their value. But, not enough to help you in 4 months.
  10. Rubicon Take Offs Worth It?

    I agree with the others, too much. I would shop elsewhere.
  11. Wrangler 2020 Exhaust / muffler and acceleration

    Not to worry, we all have to learn as we go from time to time. As far as the lag I think I would have the dealer check it out. Todays turbo's may have a little lag, but from what you described I think that is too much (Disclaimer: Mines a 3.6L so I may be off here, but it doesn't hurt to make...
  12. How is everyone’s leather seats holding up?

    Mine is only 15 months old with 14K miles, and the seats look like new. The one thing I try to remember is to not slide my big butt over the bolster when I get out. I can see that being a wear problem over the years.
  13. What actually _is_ normal steering?

    FCA really needs to get on the ball, and correct this problem. Most Jeeps these days are pavement pounders, and with the Bronco coming out with IFS Jeep could lose even more sales. I love my JL, but if the steering get worse with no recourse from the dealer I may have to consider that other brand.
  14. What actually _is_ normal steering?

    I will say this. It took me a little to get used to driving a solid front axle vehicle. And, yep there is a small bit of play in the steering, but that's the nature of beast. With the tire pressure corrected, and bit of time behind the wheel all is well. You, and the wife will get used to it for...
  15. PLEASE HELP! Creaking rubber at bottom of the cargo glass

    Since I'm not as industrious as Mikey (i.e. lazy), I'm gonna give that a try Jared. I wasn't really worried about the creaks, but now Mikey has got me to thinking. And, that's very dangerous for me, just ask my wife. :)
  16. PLEASE HELP! Creaking rubber at bottom of the cargo glass

    I get that completely Mikey. It's like a fat girl on a Moped. You just can't unsee that.
  17. I don't get the Sahara

    I agree. Here in the east you look at a Sahara on a lot, and the vast majority will have the leather interior while the Sport, and Sport S will have cloth. That makes it easier to sell the Sahara to those that want leather, and of course there is also a bigger profit margin for the dealer...
  18. I don't get the Sahara

    OK. Imma gonna tell my age. Back in the old days manufacturers would just make a base model vehicle, and then the option list was a mile long. You could simple check the boxes you liked without any "Oh yeah, if you want that option you have to buy these 2 others options." Options you may not...
  19. I don't get the Sahara

    31, I was going to say the same thing. The must have options that came with Sahara is the reason I bought one. Problem with the Sport S now is that if you want this, you can't have that. And, if you want that you can't have this. So, I would still have to get the Sahara. Strange, but I've seen...
  20. That looks expensive

    Rich people park in the strangest places. :LOL: