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  1. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Looking forward to pics. I know you've been waiting a while!
  2. Mopar 2” lift lift on sport

    True you could do the rubi takeoffs and gain another 1"+ and keep the spacers. Going up you may need to change out LCAs and track bars. I ran the rubi takeoffs with 2.5" spacer lift with the mopar longer LCAs and didn't have any issues. I also didn't utilize adjustable track bars at the time...
  3. Mopar 2” lift lift on sport

    Yeah I figured you weren't planning on keeping the spacers. You should get another 1-2" with the mopar lift since I believe it is based off the stock rubicon height. 37s with sport fenders will likely smash them if you do any offroading and disconnect the sway bar links. I have 37s right now...
  4. Mopar 2” lift lift on sport

    Is that 2.5" spacer with sport suspension or rubicon suspension? If sport suspension it should get you at least another 1" if not more. I've also heard people say it can give a rubicon around 3" so if you have rubicon suspension it may only get you another .5" compared to the spacer lift.
  5. California Ace 4dr Rock Sliders

    Just a heads up the link isn't working. I don't have any but interested in seeing them.
  6. California 2020 Rubicon Take-Offs (shocks + springs)

    Those are some good spring numbers.
  7. California Rancho HD front and rear adjustable track bars

    Shipping for these would be a lot, youd be better off buying new. They are super heavy. I took out the rear yesterday. Will take out the front next weekend. The Rancho ones are heavy duty and have no clearance issues. The RK track bar I installed yesterday is having issues with the exhaust...
  8. 31,000 miles in a year and no issues!

    oh gotcha, thanks for clarification. either way still awesome. :)
  9. 31,000 miles in a year and no issues!

    Stock sport axles? That's good to hear no issues even with 38s!
  10. Washington Rough country 10589 rear lower control arm skid plates

    I just installed a set of these. Quality product.
  11. California Rancho HD front and rear adjustable track bars

    I had these on my Jlu sport for a few thousand miles. Been to rowher flats a few times with them which is a mild trail. No major flexing or anything as I had a rubicon takeoff suspension with them. In good condition. I'll get pics tomorrow when I take them off. Only removing since I am...
  12. California SoCal - Rubicon Fenders with LED’s Black Textured

    The party for these fenders never ends it seems lol
  13. California SoCal - Rubicon Fenders with LED’s Black Textured

    Should sell quickly. Seems like several forum members were looking for these over the past month or so.
  14. Harbor Freight Badland Apex 12,000# Winch Lower Price

    Sucks it isn't quite the deal they used to have with the 20% but close enough. This was one of the winches I was considering getting.
  15. Oil Change...debacle

    to help with the wind and mess, you can put your oil pan up on something so it sits way closer to the pan. I usually use a cardboard box or something and it works well. Eliminates the mess. And if any misses the pan it can hit the cardboard box if big enough.
  16. Sports Plastic Bumper Discoloration

    I bought this stuff in March 2020 when I bought my Jeep...
  17. Oil Change...debacle

    Responses here probably aren't the best and a little harsh. I agree I would have had a hard time going back a second time, especially a third time. I have trouble trusting people with my things and your experiences are one reason why. Learn from hoping they would treat your stuff well even...
  18. re-thinking lift scenario

    I had the rubi takeoffs, 2.5" rc spacer lift and the front longer mopar LCAs. Wheeled in it a few times and did a lot of street driving. Didn't have any issues with it. Steering was great and performance was on par for the $450 I spent on it. I think it is a perfectly fine option for someone...
  19. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Watched my wife drive off in it as I do most weekdays since I don't use it for my commute of 130 miles round trip :/