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  1. Bestop Debuts Trektop Ultra Soft Top JLU Wrangler Build [SEMA 2019]

    The pre-order is supposed to open up soon (I heard a "in a couple weeks" last week). It's currently still showing "coming soon" at:
  2. Bestop Debuts Trektop Ultra Soft Top JLU Wrangler Build [SEMA 2019]

    Can we at least confirm these will be less expensive to purchase direct than the OEM softop?
  3. Auto climate control not as effective in the cold

    All this sounds like the same issue in my post:
  4. Giveaway of the Month

    I'm running a spacer lift like so many of my JL friends on here. I would love to add these to that mix.
  5. Steps on how to reset JL uConnect 4 system

    My 7" uConnect still has the same issues as I noted before (Google Maps, Weather, and Waze all think they are in Toledo...and syncing/enabling the clock to sync with "GPS" always makes my clock EST--even though I am in Central). I haven't taken it to the dealership yet and I don't have a...
  6. UConnect Radio Updates?

    The website ( indicates my software is up-to-date (for my 7" unit). Are you saying that more than just the 8" unit has software available online?
  7. KC area Meet and Greet

    Bestop claims they will begin shipping in October (Quadratec says December), but either of these might be optimistic. The cost is obviously better than the OEM sunrider softtop, and the fastback appeals to a lot of folks (or turns off others--as in your wife's case). I like the fastback if only...
  8. KC area Meet and Greet
  9. Speaker issue?

    Apparently epoxy (or some other strong adhesive) was applied to the gateway module by a dealer servicing the issue. (I'm guessing it was put in between the module and the metal and other solid structure to keep the plastic/tube of the module from moving, rattling, or vibrating, which likely...
  10. Speaker issue?

    Thank you for this information. Hopefully this will be useful when I take mine in to the dealer to get my "Charlie Brown adult voice" speaker issue fixed.
  11. Muffled sounding speaker, drivers side front

    I have the same issue. The sounds made when adults talk in Charlie Brown cartoons is a very good description of how any talk radio sounds on my Jeep audio system.
  12. UConnect Radio Updates?

    Okay, thanks. That is what I was wondering, because Uconnect doesn't seem to have any files--or indicate I need an update--for my (7") VIN. (even though I have seen other 7" units with higher versions of firmware/software). Maybe I will start scouring the interwebs for some of the files...
  13. UConnect Radio Updates?

    Did you get the files downloaded?
  14. Clock (Uconnect 7") auto-sets to Eastern Time (Toledo?) when I select "GPS time sync"

    When I enter my VIN in the Uconnect site, it indicates: "YOUR VEHICLE IS UP TO DATE There are no updates available at this time for your 2018 equipped with this system." either got some sort of OTA update or there there isn't an official update available for my unit yet.
  15. Backup/Reverse Warning Lights & Tone w/ Oversize Spare Tire

    Mine is essentially the same. I run 35" K02s on my JLU sport and get (only) the ParkSense indicator to have a continuous tone with the closest solid red area filled (see my picture) any time I put it in reverse. Rarely, if I open and close the tailgate the warning may go away for one driving...
  16. KC area Meet and Greet

    I think Roberts Auto Group has a Jeep dealership in Excelsior Springs, MO
  17. KC area Meet and Greet

    Is this someone on here? (KCcustoms posted it on FB)