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  1. Spare Door keys...Hate the huge key fob...

    It works good, just enough so the button has to be pushed just past the plastic housing. Permanent fix.
  2. Spare Door keys...Hate the huge key fob...

    Best way to fix the key popping out is to gently grind the button down just enough so you have to use the corner of your finger nail to release it. Ive tried tape and rubber bands but nothing lasts. Permanent fix, just be careful to grind just the right amount off.
  3. Have you been hit on because of your Jeep.

    Old, fat and ugly here, but I have had some younger woman looking like they wanted to make love to my Jeep.
  4. Removing Rubicon hood decal?

    How about nothing at all. Looks better without all the stinking badges. We don't need no stinking badges.
  5. Fob key detension

    I gave up on the evil celery band because they don't last before they break. Now its the evil piece of duck tape which is holding up so far. Charcoal lighter fluid cleans all kinds of gum and glue off of plastic without harming the plastic, much faster than alcohol.
  6. Tazer lite for JL

    Took my JL in for a steering stabilizer and they gave me a great deal on a gladiator rubicon that came with a superchips. I just bought this Tazer Lite and would like to sell it. Im in Mesa AZ if anyone is interested. Sell it for 150, cost me 220. Updated and works good. [email protected]
  7. Whats your gas mileage?

    In the old days you where lucky to get 10 or 12 MPG in a 4x4.
  8. Whats your gas mileage?

    How about a Prius next time.
  9. What is this (found in the glovebox)?

    emergency toilet paper with a thumb grab
  10. Disaster of a paint job

    Silver looks good
  11. Disable annoying "Auto-park" feature?

    I have the Tazer JL Lite and it works for the auto start stop. 220 bucks
  12. EPA ratings 2020 3.6 BSG - disappointed

    My 2018 JLUR averages about 18. Good gas mileage can be had on a Prius.
  13. Wherever you are, post your registration fees

    GASP, I was wondering what mine was going to be in September.
  14. FCA being sued for Death Wobble

  15. Fatal accident involving a Jeep JK Check out the crumpling on that one.
  16. Fatal accident involving a Jeep JK

    At least we still have an iron frame, whew! News had a BMW that lost control in CA. Wrapped around a pole on its side and all 4 died in the car.
  17. Fatal accident involving a Jeep JK

    I would still avoid head on collisions, hehehehe