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  1. Mounting RTT to Rhino Rack

    How is everyone mounting their tent to the Rhino Rack platform? I'm thinking of going the bolt and channel nut route with the grooves in the planks. I know Maximus 3 @Maximus-3 has a lag bolt kit for the same concept but not having an engineering or physics degree I question the strength of the...
  2. Outback Trailgater

    Mine was back ordered a week or two when I ordered and I expected a month or so but it showed up 3 days after they said they would be shipping again. Expensive...yes! But worth it, very well made and easy install. I was surprised how sturdy it is even with the cutting board removed so have a...
  3. Going from a Luxury SUV to a Jeep - Opinions Please!

    I'm late to the party here but congrats on the new toy. I came from a fully loaded Land Rover and I smile every time I see my Rubicon. Even though it takes a little more work to drive it, I find it fun every time. I haven't seen any mentions of this but I used to cringe at every pothole and...
  4. Jeep Wave [the hand thing, not the program]

    I live in Montana and it's probably 80% that will wave. I've noticed it's almost entirely men though.
  5. Positivity Thread Only

    I picked up my first Jeep 2 weeks ago after nearly a year of researching and planning. I spent countless hours on this forum and it been great, albeit stressful. I've worried about all the negativity but I've also tried to stay realistic about what forums are for...posting problems and...
  6. Any reports of issues with steering in the 2019s?

    2019 JLUR that I picked up Saturday and now have 170 miles of mostly highway miles. Only issue I had was some wandering but lowered the tire pressure down to 38 and it goes straight down the road now. Hit some bumps and expansion joints and steering wheel barely vibrated. I'll keep paying...
  7. PAC NW JL deliveries

    Picked mine up in Missoula, MT last weekend, it was built Nov 19th.
  8. ** Warning: 2019 JL Steering Issues ** - Test drive it on the highway BEFORE taking ownership!

    I picked up my jlur '19 on Saturday and have 160 miles, so far so good. I've driven it 70mph over expansion joints and rumble strips, not a single wobble. I did have to lower the tire pressure from 43 to 38 which helped eliminate the drifting I experienced on the way home from the dealership...
  9. PAC NW JL deliveries

    Ordered my jlur 9/24, built 11/19. Talked to dealer Monday and it was in Nebraska on a rail car. He said it will be off loaded in Billings and trucked to Missoula hopefully by Christmas. He did say trucks are always a problem though. I'm guessing some of us are on the same railcars so hopefully...
  10. What is your favorite roof rack

    I'm torn between waiting on the rhino rack with backbone or just go with rhino with Maximus 3. Thoughts? I like the Gobi but price and wait time make the rhino more attractive.
  11. Post your 2019 JL build status

    I'm happy for you but that sucks. I ordered 9/24 and Vin is 14262, literally the oder before yours. Lol I'm still in D1 though.
  12. October 2018 Jeep Wrangler Sales Figures - Sets CYTD Record

    Not to throw water on the FCA hate train here but car sales across nearly every brand is down 10% so being 73 off of last October isn't a sky is falling scenario. Predictions for car sales in general across the whole industry are dismal with interest rates going up and possible tarriffs. True, I...
  13. Start of the 2019 Jeep JL Wrangler production?

    Isn't it true that sold orders have priority? If so, I don't think you can assume Vin 16000 will be the 16 days down the line. I'm guessing most of those vin's are dealer unsold orders which should be built after ours. Of course I could be completely wrong too.
  14. Gobi stealth roof rack and Baja design lights installed!

    Great build. With the 35s, 2 inch lift and rack, what is the total height? I'm wanting the same for my jlur but might go to a rhino rack since it's lower profile.
  15. Start of the 2019 Jeep JL Wrangler production?

    This may be nothing but I thought I saw one of the factory guys mentioned they cancelled tomorrow's shift. Since Monday is supposed to be the start date, that might be the line change over.
  16. Who got their Vin Numbers on a 2019 JL?

    Ordered on 9/24 got Vin and D1 status with tentative build date of 10/29. They don't start building until the last week of Oct or first week of Nov unless something changed.
  17. New Record: 561 JL built in a 10 hour shift

    @Titan2727 try talking to @JeepCares they seem to be pretty good at helping out with stuff like this.
  18. New Record: 561 JL built in a 10 hour shift

    Thanks again @JlEngineline for the great info and pride in your job. I've said this on a past thread but I'd love to learn more about the building of my Jeep. Maybe a suggestion box kinda thing to the PR people about putting together a new YouTube video of the whole process minus the trade...
  19. Post your 2019 JL build status

    My order went in on 9/28 and I got this back from Jeep this morning. Gateline Schedule Order Ready To Proceed On The Line ? All of the materials needed to start the manufacturing build process have been received. The vehicle should be entering the build process very soon. With that being...
  20. Patiently Waiting for 2019 Wrangler

    They have a Sunday shift. Not that that means it's accurate but it's possible.