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  1. 2018 Sahara Rear diff clicking sound

    So the dealer said I need new rear diff and rear axle - unbelievable at only 52K miles.
  2. 2018 Sahara Rear diff clicking sound

    I have a 2018 JLU Sahara. I got new wheels (black rhino armory - 18x9.5) and tires (falken wildpeak a/t3w 275/70/18). Started hearing a rotational thumping sound when decelerating to around 20-10 mph. Swapped back on the stock set up and no sound. Put new wheels/tires on again and the thumping...
  3. Wheel Falls off on Highway After Tire Rotation

    Glad you're ok. The same thing happened to me last year after a tire rotation at the dealer. I was lucky not to be on the freeway and luckier still for it to have happened in front of another Jeeper's house (in picture).
  4. rear harness receptacle

    I found the part number and was able to order 6QJ48TX7AB - Retainer-Hard Top Enclosure
  5. rear harness receptacle

    Does anyone have a part number or a link for the rear harness receptacle used to store the harness and washer fluid hose when removing the hard top? Mine broke off and the tabs are broken.
  6. Rear Cargo Trim Piece Question

    I stripped the head on mine today and can't get it out now. Did you actually strip yours and if you did, how did you get it out? I tried a socket but don't seem to have the correct size.
  7. Worst service ever

    so at 10:30 they finished with the alignment and all seems ok now - off to Maine now - hopefully it' still good on the highway at 75. I'll update the post about the loose fender when I get back - have a Jeepin' great weekend y'all!!
  8. Worst service ever

    So they called yesterday to say it was ready....and the fender that was hanging off is lose. All they did was slap it back into place and called it a day. Of course it’s loose from the body because they didn’t change the clips. Also, they don’t know how to do a wheel alignment because it’s...
  9. Worst service ever

    :headbang: Yep- they said it was an experienced level 3 tech
  10. Worst service ever

    They are replacing, the front bumper, the under shield, the rim, the rotor, the lugs, the fender trim, will do complete alignment when all work is done. ETA is Friday. I told them I needed it Friday for my vacation - A Jeep trip to Maine. Hopefully it all goes smooth and they get it right the...
  11. Worst service ever

    Yeah, the dealer got it back on their own to their shop, I didn't.Tthey gave me a loaner. Waiting to hear back from them this morning. The guy in the picture lived across the street - that's his Jeep on the right. He offered as a fellow Jeeper to help out right away.
  12. Worst service ever

    All the damage you see was a result of the tire falling off. The jeep was perfect before this.
  13. Worst service ever

    Check this out. took the jeep in for some maintenance (oil/tire rotation) and was hearing a humming and vibration from front end. Turns out I need a new passenger side wheel hub. Picked it up yesterday and the front tire fell off on the way home. I found only 1 lug nut on the road. So either he...
  14. fifteen52 ANALOG HD wheels available now for all JL Wranglers

    Those rims look great - very unique looking It all looks great together! Can I ask you, how did you mount the light bar to the rack in front? I spoke to KC and they said they did not sell any mounting brackets for this set up and I would have to fabricate it.
  15. fifteen52 ANALOG HD wheels available now for all JL Wranglers

    Those rims look great - very unique and original looking. Is the light bar the GRAVITY LED PRO6 LED LIGHT BAR? That looks great to on there
  16. Tow Hitch Tray

    Hi all - looking for recommendations for hitch tray and storage. We have a trip to Maine from NYC coming up and need something that can ideally allow back door to open when not loaded ad also would like it to fold up when not in use. Thanks for the help!!
  17. Omg help messed up my door hinge torx bolt

    It's unfortunate that this descended into who's right and who's wrong. All I was looking for was help on getting the broken bit out of my bolt. Any info out there on how would be welcomed - thanks!! Peace and love all :like: :flag:
  18. Omg help messed up my door hinge torx bolt

    Yes, the smittybuilt instructions. I need help on how to get it out. I did not mean to imply any sort of tone to my response to you, sorry if it came off that way.
  19. Stuck Door Hinge Bolt Issue

    The instrutions provided by smittybuilt say to use a T50 - there was no room for it to "rattle" around at al. My issue is no longer the bit size, it's how to get the broken bit out.
  20. Omg help messed up my door hinge torx bolt

    The instructions provided say to use T50 and it fit properly