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  1. Had to drop off my 2020 Ram 3500 for warranty

    What year and model truck do you have? 1st) The major concern is still getting resolved. I will PM you later when and if it gets resolved. I am not one to put that in a public forum, but let's just say it's really bad and incredibly dangerous. 2nd) I was getting 6MPG towing my toy hauler. I...
  2. Had to drop off my 2020 Ram 3500 for warranty

    Had to drop off my 2020 Ram 3500 for warranty, brought my JL to get me home. It looks so small compared.
  3. ReBuilding Ruby - Bringing Her Back To Life

    Looks like a good time, I feel like a bad dad now. I just bought an old TJ for my son and I to rebuild. haha... I live in Santa Clarita and have a most tools or access to any I don't have. If you need any help or just need to look at a 2018 JLUR for reference let me know and I'll swing by.
  4. Jeep e-Bike preorder now

    Who is Buying all these E-Bikes. I've seen stores popping up all over LA so People are buying them. In the last 2-3 years I've only seen 2 being ridden. I feel like people are buying them so they can tell people at the office they have one
  5. Would you let your 16 year old have a Jeep?

    Yep, His first Vehicle was a Jeep at 15 1/2, then he got a 2 door JK, then my old JKU and he just bought his first brand new Jeep. That is a lot of jeeps for being 25. I'm on 13th myself, so I can't say much..
  6. metallic maroon shade called Snazzberry

    It kinda matches my Harley in "Twisted Cherry"
  7. Best knock-off mod ever?

    I've had three, 2 back in the day, high school days. One of the funniest vehicles I ever owned. I drove by a house that had one in the driveway. I said "What the Heck" went up and knocked on the door. Asked the lady if she wanted to sell it. She said "actually, yes". I gave her 2k...
  8. Best knock-off mod ever?

    I wanted an older Jeep so, I bought a Suzuki Samari. Its similar but, much smaller than it looked in the pictures
  9. Anyone install the Blue wire on Mopar Tow Wiring Harness?

    You need to run a new wire from passenger side to wherever you put the brake controller.
  10. Latest JLU issues

    My JL is my 13th Jeep... Best one yet. Just saying.. OK, so the 46 has zero electronic's but still has jeep issues.
  11. What does the R3 decal mean?

    There is a company I found called R3 Off Road that has some JL protective film for hinges etc. But a different logo and are actually a vendor on this forum. Maybe its an old logo.. @R3
  12. Something is wrong...

    Nicely done all that helped the OP.... to OP, you might want to find a new mechanic
  13. RVIbrake3 Probs-700 miles from home

    When I first read your post, I thought, Power issue. I have the same set up. I ran an extension from my rear 12V outlet. It has constant power. Never been a problem.
  14. Will this hold the JLUR doors?

    Is it just me or are those hooks bending down quite a bit?
  15. Has anyone done a lift in their garage and couldn’t fit out the door?

    When I was young, I had a single car garage and it was very thin. If a car was not all the way in you could barley squeeze by. At the time I had a YJ with a 4 inch lift and 35's. I toasted the tranny. I pulled it in far enough so I could walk around the front and get to my tools. Back...
  16. So what travel trailer do you tow with your JLR 2 door....

    Keep the Moho and tow the jeep. and in your add close the toilet seat for pictures
  17. Are Freedom Top Headliners Worth It

    yes it's worth it, Yes the aftermarket ones are easy to install. I've had both.
  18. Would You Buy The Lifetime Maximum Care If They Brought It Back At A Little Higher Price?

    I had it on my JKU. The only issue with that one was someone rear ended my son and totaled the Jeep... Not FCA's fault. I was planing on keeping that until I was dead...... I bought it on my JLUR, it was more expensive, and probably wouldn't have bought it but it more than paid for it self...
  19. 2020 JL front camera?

    JasOn just said Taser has them