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  1. Dropped key in black hole!!!!

    If you don't want to remove the console.... maybe removing the seat would be quicker and easier :rock:
  2. Park much?

    I bought 2 pairs of these, one for my permanent mirrors, one for my "doors off" mirrors, for my JK. Visibility on the JK sucked trying to see both the road when driving and the curb when parking. They work great and are super cheap. Now I can easily see if I'm parallel with the lines when...
  3. Qualify of Life Mods for Daily Driver (Sahara)

    I'm in a 2018 JKU. It's possible they removed this for the JL, but it was a good freebie for the JK
  4. Qualify of Life Mods for Daily Driver (Sahara)

    Remove the springs from the headrests on the rear seats so they will stay down. This way you have better visibility out the rear when driving. You have to manually put them up if you have rear passengers but in a Jeep, you may not have adults in the back too much, so better to have them down...
  5. Rented a JK on vacation

    Hey now... my first (and still current) Wrangler is a 2018 JKU. I purposely waited on the purchase for over a year waiting for the JL to come out. When it finally did and I test drove both, I would totally agree the JL is more refined, drives smoother, etc. But I went with the JKU over the JLU...
  6. Need quick answers. Placing new order. Hard-top or soft-top?

    I say purchase the hard top from the factory then watch craigslist for soft tops (or vice-versa). People are selling tops of both styles all day long for less than MSRP, but I generally see more soft tops online than hard.
  7. Giveaway: Hothead Headliners Hard Top Headliner For Jeep JL!

    I installed the full set, with side panels, and sound assassin strips into my 2018 JKU. Love the sound dampening and look of them.
  8. Jeep Wave [the hand thing, not the program]

    Sounds like your wife should be uninvited to any Jeep rides...
  9. Jeep Wave [the hand thing, not the program]

    I'm in Northern Virginia just. We rival Los Angeles in traffic and are a huge tech industry. Very expensive area to live in but also not too far from farm land. So most jeeps in this area will never see dirt. When I'm driving around the city I get a pretty good return on the wave. Even on 2...
  10. Washing the Jeep

    I always dry my vehicle (and dishes) with "The Absorber". Love it. Picks up all moisture and when it's damp, you can wipe over any late drops or streaks and it will take them off and immediately evaporate.
  11. Am I the only one waiting for Hella Yella?

    I saw a Hella Yella JLU last week at Chantilly Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler when I went to get an oil change on my JKU It was all yellow through the hard top
  12. Poll: 2 or 4 door Jeep

    I wanted a 2 door convertible. But I have a 3 year old so I need a car seat and room to travel with 'stuff'. Solution: The ultimate 4 door family convertible... Jeep Wrangler (JKU in my case)
  13. My JLUR was hauled off on a flatbed today... 1890 miles

    I mean... would loved to have seen that on video.
  14. Poll: Sunshades, what one is best and why?

    I went with the JTops for a few reasons: I have 4 door and wanted full coverage (doing separate front and back leaves gaps around each so less protection from sun, etc) The JTops uses clips rather than bungees. Just like your stock jeep grab handles use. So not as much wear on your rollbar...
  15. Jeep Wave or Lack Thereof

    Also remember that if you’re driving a JL, according to proper jeep wave edicate, newer jeeps are supposed to wave first. So if you’re in a JL you may not be getting waves because technically you’re supposed to wave first. If you’re waving and not getting any waves back, that’s a problem. If...
  16. Jeep Wave Program Questions

    My dealer emailed me the program info next day. I also got a packet in the mail a few weeks later with the coupons. Also got mailed the recovery kit (tow strap, gloves, bag, etc)
  17. Didn’t make it 24 hrs. Hit by trash truck.

    I hope you not only get a new JL, but a new "paid off" JL out of it.
  18. Obsessed with red... 100s of red accessories, red parts, red upgrades, red mods & more!

    I have the Wrenches & Bones keychain. It's not that bright anodized metallic red at all. It's a muted matte/powder coated burgundy.
  19. Sun shade for JL Wrangler

    I got a JTops USA shade for my JKU. Some things I liked about this over other shades: Uses clips to secure instead of ball bungies (more secure, less prone to breaking or loosening over time) Sits across the top of the cage down the entire side (no gaps) Has a metal cross beam in the back to...