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  1. Gas smell working engine hard uphill

    morning everyone! lately i've been smelling a gasoline vapor smell coming through my air vents when i'm working the engine hard climbing a hill. driving on the road or offroad... example: yesterday i was driving up a 6-7% grade about 40 mph with the engine turning some pretty high RPMs and...
  2. Poll: Did TSB 08-074-20 Fix Your Steering Issues?

    mine's lifted but the dealer did it. so no issue here.
  3. Impressive Jeep recovery in the Colorado mountains

    was going through old youtube analytics to see what external sites had my videos linked and found this one haha! thanks for sharing. that was a fun long day.
  4. TazerJL Feature Requests

    it is a rubicon yes, 2018 and i'm running 12.2.4. this has been on mutliple firmware versions. to ensure it happens, go into 4 low, disconnect your sway bar, and drive a bit. then put it all back to 2wd and go to a stop. when it restarts it should disable the traction control in a couple...
  5. TazerJL Feature Requests

    i'm still waiting for them to fix the the stop/start issue on the JL Tazer. every time after being in 4wd the traction control disables after you take your foot off the brake at a stoplight with stop/start condition. kinda annoying. fix is to power off jeep and restart. then it goes away.
  6. Poll: Did TSB 08-074-20 Fix Your Steering Issues?

    had this done a while back and 100% fixed the crazy hard right pull. i actually put a video on youtube about it.
  7. Mishimoto Catch Cans

    there was communication back and forth supposedly.
  8. Mishimoto Catch Cans

    I was working directly with mishimoto testing the catch can at altitude. they were keeping me in the loop on a VERY regular basis.
  9. Mishimoto Catch Cans

    it didn't sound like jeep was wanting to play nice and come up with a solution with mishimoto to keep the CEL from coming on. There has been no further action on this (or at least none discussed with me). For the time being my kit is still sitting in my basement store room...
  10. Hydro Assist for the 2.0 I4

    Do you have the giant 48 volt battery pack under the vehicle? if so that is the e-torque system.
  11. Hydro Assist for the 2.0 I4

    interesting. i'd assume the electronic power steering is the same between the two I4 engines.
  12. Hydro Assist for the 2.0 I4

    does anyone know if hydro assist is being developed for the 2.0 I4 e-torque wranglers? it seems like all the support is for the 3.6 motor with power steering conversions, and the 2.0 was forgotten lol. just curious. i'm really loving the 2.0 engine, but aired down 35s on rocks are very hard...
  13. I4 turbo with 37s

    i know there's some old threads about 2.0 i4's with 37s doing pretty good on the road, i have a dealer equipped 18 JLUR with 35s and a mopar 2 inch lift, and am curious about the electric steering being able to handle the 37s. i've noticed a few times with the 35s the inability to turn the...
  14. Mishimoto Catch Cans

    I removed my catch can for now until the day comes where mishimoto and jeep can work together to stop the CEL from coming on. they've been great to work with, super responsive etc, (mishimoto) but i just got tired of resetting the CEL every other restart. i'm one of those people that doesn't...
  15. Rough idle a start up all of a sudden..

    on a cold start i have a bit of a stutter that sounds weird through the air intake and exhaust. CAI really lets you hear it popping and stuttering. through the stock airbox it's not too bad. I think it's a characteristic of the direct injection turbo engine setup after it sits for a while...
  16. Terrible 2.0 gas mileage?

    now that i'm basically at 5000 miles (not daily driven) i've noticed this engine really loosen up. MPG has gone up dramatically the last 4 tanks, and i pulled my best tank yet in february. i didn't buy this for fuel economy, and it's horrendous in the wind. but on a nice colorado day i'm...
  17. Mishimoto R&D: JL Wrangler 2.0T Catch Can Kit

    just to let you all know following the thread, UPS delivered the test kit they sent today and i have run the initial vacuum tests Steve asked for. I just PM'd the data to him. will see where this goes!
  18. Mishimoto R&D: JL Wrangler 2.0T Catch Can Kit

    a front moved through over the weekend and the CEL stayed on in town every restart... and it was under 70 degrees lol!
  19. Mishimoto R&D: JL Wrangler 2.0T Catch Can Kit

    update from Northern Colorado (5000 feet) with the smaller can mishimoto shipped me, and the filter in place. CEL only comes on after temps push through 70-75 degrees, and the engine bay is at temperature. drove vehicle around on wednesday of this week and it wasn't until after it sat in the...
  20. Mishimoto R&D: JL Wrangler 2.0T Catch Can Kit

    it feels pretty snug when i push on the mishimoto fitting, more so than the OEM one. so I think (on mine anyway) that it's sealed up good. no CEL at all today around town, but again it was cooler today.