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  1. BLACK Wrangler JL Club

    @Moneypit Mambo those are some nice wheels. What type of wheel and size of tire?
  2. Choppy tire wear on Rubicon KO2s

    Hi all 2018 JLUR with 9k miles. Have had it serviced at dealer twice for oil changes. Just got it back and the dealer tells me my KO2s have choppy tire wear and there is nothing they can do about it. I have the lifetime warranty coverage and it's been only 9k miles. They did oil change and...
  3. Snow tires or Chains?

    These from walmart were in budget. I will let you know how they fit.
  4. Snow tires or Chains?

    Thanks everyone. Spending $200 on the 474s feels steep for something I probably will never use with my Rubi. Then again it doesn't sound like a good idea to go cheap on something like this. Has anyone found other options like around $100 feels right. Appreciate it
  5. Snow tires or Chains?

    Ok thanks! 4H while driving on the unplowed roads?
  6. Snow tires or Chains?

    Thank you @TJ2018 Any recommendations for the chains to carry? Cheaper ones that work with the Rubi stock KO2s?
  7. Snow tires or Chains?

    So if I read this correctly going up to Big Bear with my stock Rubicon tires should be fine since the tires are are snow rated? When driving through unplowed roads do you drive in 4H?
  8. Regret 37s?

    I have only 8k miles on my JLUR. Trying to convince wifey to let me spend the coin on 5 new 37in tires. What is everyone doing with the stock ones if they still have plenty of tread?
  9. Off Road Pages Update Status...

    Got my ORP! I didnt get any pop up to install or anything. Just poof one day noticed there. I'm in San Diego. Let's hope they are here to stay.
  10. JL Wrangler Steel Bumper Skid Plate

    Nicely done fellas. Any promo code for forum members?
  11. Rubber Mat for Trunk

    Good compromise but I have to think for a $50k rig these Jeep after market parts companies could come out with something that allows the 6 anchors to be used and protect the carpet in the trunk.
  12. Creaking sound from driver side pillar

    I had this issue as well. Turned out there is a plastic peg on the freedom top that slots into a hole on your frame and that was rubbing against the plastic clip from my JTopUSA shade. My issue was probably unique to owning the JTopUSA shade but keep in mind there are some plastic components...
  13. Wrangler Steering Issues - SURVEY

    Thanks. I just responded as well. Good work!!
  14. Selling because of the crap steering. Good-bye Jeep

    I emailed back to my case # with you all. Appointment is this Friday at my local dealership. Fingers crossed Jeep steps up here and fixes this scary issue with the steering.
  15. Selling because of the crap steering. Good-bye Jeep

    Thank you all for the TSB and all this great input about contacting @JeepCares . I just filled out the form on their site referencing the TSB and need for my dealer to fix this once and for all. I was out in Arizona driving in 100 degree heat this past Labor Day and had a death grip on the...
  16. Rubicon Steering & Tire Pressure?

    How are people approaching the dealer with this? I just came back from Bullhead AZ and the drive out and back was scary when in the higher temps of 90s. Considerable play in steering of an inch or so. Required driving at 10&2 with a death grip to avoid moving into other lanes uncontrollably...
  17. DIY Hardtop hoist ideas - brainstorming

    Very well done @Shots . Hope it was a fun project. Looks that way. Congrats.
  18. DIY Hardtop hoist ideas - brainstorming

    Wow bro. Using the rear door and all to boot. Really nice initiative. Jealous over here. Maybe I take the easy way out but the racor and topsy route just saves me a boat load of time. Takes only 10 minutes to unload the top and go.
  19. DIY Hardtop hoist ideas - brainstorming

    Yes, the stainless steel pulleys were just from home depot. Not mission critical as much as the cam drivers replacement are but I just didn't want to cut any corners. No idea why Racor puts those plastic parts in there but no way was I going to entrust my top using them.