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  1. Arizona Rancho Rear Diff Glide Plate D44

    RS62117 Rear Diff Glide Plate for D44 axle. $120 includes shipping New in box. No longer needed.
  2. Sport LED tail lights

    I'd be concerned about a brake light manufacturer that can't spell the word "brake".
  3. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    You replace front and back springs and shocks. Different spring rates and shock characteristics seem like it would be trouble if you do a frankenstein half sport half rubicon suspension. Might work, but I don't know. Just put that .5" or 3/4" spacer on the front and no spacer on the back and you...
  4. 285/75r17 on stock JL Rubicon

    Interested. Just to be that annoying math guy. You'll only gain 1/2" of clearance. Clearance delta = (diameter increase)/2.
  5. What do I need to know before putting a JL Rubicon Suspension on my JL Sport S.

    It's necessary if you want to keep caster similar to your stock Sport. Otherwise you're going to have the low caster that stock Rubicons have. For some people it seems to work out fine but most seem to like the more solid steering feel you get with more caster. As a bonus the longer LCAs are...
  6. What do I need to know before putting a JL Rubicon Suspension on my JL Sport S.

    Yes, it's a different part number than stock Rubicon suspension (it's 1/4" longer). No, nothing needed beyond shocks, springs, and LCAs.
  7. Post pics of your sport with 35" tires

    Nice! Have you regreared? Or still the 3.45s?
  8. Mopar LCA swap

    So Toe and steering wheel alignment. Makes sense! Too bad they didn't give you a caster reading.
  9. Mopar LCA swap

    What was off on your alignment? Toe and steering wheel alignment is all that's adjustable.
  10. Rubicon Take Offs Worth It?

    I bought a set on Craigslist for $800 and sold my stock wheels/tires for $500. Great deal for sure
  11. 315/70/17 OEM Rubicon Wheels/Mopar 2" Lift Kit on JLUS

    I think you will need wheels with less offset or wheel spacers to fit 315 on a Sport. It looks great BTW.
  12. 33s vs 35s? (First lift and Larger Tire purchase)

    Tough question since I haven't seen it without. I think I'd leave them off though.
  13. Wind Noise From Pax side window

    Check that body panel as pictured a few posts up.
  14. Mopar LCA swap

    Do you have the new cast iron steering box? There's no excuse for 1" of play either direction. That said, the longer LCAs should help.
  15. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    About 2k miles on the new box and my impression: it drives great. I've driven the freeway in fierce windstorms that would have been a nightmare with the old steering but no trouble at all - beyond the expected trouble of driving a square box down the road at 75mph. This has been THE fix.
  16. Arizona owners - please check in!

    Nice rig. Is that a modded Sport/Sahara or a Rubicon?
  17. I want the first 4xe Rubicon.

    That's a totally reasonable request. Luckily that has been extensively studied and that percentabe has been estimated at 100%.
  18. I want the first 4xe Rubicon.

    Your worries make sense. And also, by doing nothing, or continuing to build out carbon-based infrastructure, we are just kicking the can down the road to our kids. There are a whole lot of smart people that seem to be quite sure that the downsides of a lithium battery infrastructure, while...
  19. ‘18 JLU Sahara Lifting Options - Swapping to Rubicon Fenders and Springs

    Should be fine lift-wise. You may need to re-gear with 35's. Definitely will if you have a manual.
  20. I Moved to Colorado

    It is indeed. I was referencing projected future growth given current policies: "Pew Research Center projections also show that the nation is projected to grow to 441 million in 2065 and that 88% of the increase is linked to future immigrants and their descendants. "