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  1. Rate This Deal

    I wouldn't say it's all that great... But this is missing info. What are all the fees they are lumping in? What is the "money factor" (the interest they are charging), what is the residual? (The number they use the calculate depreciation). Go to and read how they calculate this...
  2. Rented 2019 JLUS review

    Rented a 2019 JLUS. Bone stock Sport S and drove it 8 hrs today. Just wanted to share some random observations after stalking the forums for a while: It was a very comfy ride. I thought the hard padding on the seat might not be comfy but it was great and my back never got achy once. Did not...
  3. Warm-up time

    Just curious, why warm up the engine? Most articles I read advise not to warm up the engine, but to drive easy right after you turn on the car.
  4. Military Exclusive version of Gladiator

    Very doubtful they procure these. Probably too expensive. A lot of the work trucks I saw on base overseas were Chevy/GMC 1500 4 doors. What is justification for higher price and less hauling/towing capability for driving around base? If anything, I could see these bought in small numbers by...
  5. Purchased 2020 Rubicon from Criswell... Great Experience!

    Will Criswell do the 8% with Tread Lightly on in stock jeeps too?
  6. Trade ins with Criswell

    All, Loving the great selection of dealers in MD and northern VA for % off invoice, including Criswell. Did you trade in when purchasing at Criswell? And how close to blue book will they give you? Thanks
  7. Favorite Options

    Thanks all. Just going to be a mall crawler, but would at least like to option to go camping or take sons out on an easy trail or two. No aspirations of creating a "rock monster" (but I guess I can't totally rule it out!) Probably not towing.
  8. Favorite Options

    Great, thanks for that advice. For the snow, it's more of seeing out the back with the wiper and defroster while driving than heat and quiet. I have a garage and parking garage at work, so not particularly worried about snow accumulating on top.
  9. Favorite Options

    Definitely considering this. Would you recommend just doing dual top? I think I would definitely do the soft top in the warm days, hard top in the winter (We're in MD so we get a little snow every year, and occasionally I need to travel in bad snow)
  10. Favorite Options

    I am considering it. I have it now with my current car, and like it, but not sure if it's worth almost 1000 bucks.
  11. Favorite Options

    Looking for opinions on some options for a JLU Sport S. I have some options I am definitely getting some things, but curious about opinions on the following: LED headlights Alpine sound system Limited Slip diffs Safety Group (blind spot) Also Altitude package....seems like a decent deal to...
  12. First Jeep - JLU Sport S- Is this a good lease deal?

    What is the money factor (interest rate)? All fees? Does your state tax on payments or sale price? What is the actual discount from MSRP? If you post all the numbers quoted from dealer we can help better. Never good to roll in another lease, fyi
  13. 2018 Left Overs

    Will they stack the $500 military cash on top of that?
  14. Does this lease offer seem real?

    Also I'd visit to learn more about leases generally. You can make a Lamborghini lease payment if you put enough money down...the monthly payment is just one factor for the whole deal
  15. 20% or more discount for 2018 JL and JK?

    I know we discuss shooting for 20% off MRSP for 2018 JL, but what kind of discount can I shoot for 2018 JK's that are left over?
  16. Leasing a 2020 JLU

    Before you lease, I highly recommend checking out to fully understand leases and to understand what's a good deal and not. Generally wranglers are poor leases, especially if you are MD or VA where I believe you will pay tax on the whole car, not just the capitalized cost. I was...
  17. Want to buy Jeep but just bought car last year!

    Bought a 2018 Camry last year as a semi impulse buy to upgrade from smaller sedan. Never considered a Jeep but somehow stumbled on it. Rented one a few weeks ago and now totally obsessed!!! If I buy one I will totally take a bath on this 28k MSRP Camry and will only get Max 18.2k on a trade in...
  18. Pen-fed Payment saver any good for JL for those who usually lease?

    How do they enforce the 15k miles a year? We drive a lot so that is pushing it.
  19. Pen-fed Payment saver any good for JL for those who usually lease?

    I've been messing around with the calculator but it does not seem to align with the MSRP when I input the MSRP (and I assume that affects the residual). Should I just apply the % residual to actual MSRP or is there a different calculation?