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  1. Shop to install budget boost in central New Jersey

    Looking for a shop in the central jersey area to install a budget boost on my JLUR. Anyone?
  2. Budget boost installation in Central NJ

    Looking for a shop in the central jersey area to install a budget boost on my JLUR. Anyone?
  3. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    12.5" tires or 13.5"? Thanks in advance.
  4. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    Did you get this wheel and tire setup as a combo? If so, from where?
  5. Built in inverter/AC plug

    Figure I can run a power washer from this? I'll let the jeep run.
  6. Hello From JeepCares

    Any fixes for the crippling Uconnect 8.4 issues? I have called my dealer about it numerous times. They're clueless (shocker)... Would love for Jeep to resolve this far-spanning issue I have in my $50k purchase. • Occasionally can't switch between apps on UConnect • Occasionally the backup...
  7. Uconnect—rename it to Unconnect

    Same issues here. Have you guys noticed these issues tend to happen moreso on colder days? Any fixes on the horizon?
  8. Superchips Flashcal for JL is here!

    Anyone in central NJ have a flashcal I can borrow? Will pay $$

    Need to reflash my computer to turn on Aux Switches. Anyone have a Tazer or FlashCal I can borrow for 10 minutes? Will pay $$$
  10. Installing AUX button kit

    Yes.. they won't connect the kit to my fog lights and are generally overpriced.
  11. Installing AUX button kit

    Central NJ. Looking for a company/shop/gear head to install my AUX Buttons and wire up the fog lights I mounted. Anyone have any ideas?
  12. Need to reflash after installing AUX buttons?

    Just received my AUX button kit. I'll be installing it myself. My question is, the instructions say I have to register the AUX button functionality online with my VIN. They also say I have to use a flash programmer to "turn on" the functionality in my system. Anyone do this? Is this true?
  13. JUST two bolts from the Rubicon Steel bumper

    I'd like to install a couple fog lights on my bumper, and want bolts to match the steel bumper bolts. Where can I buy these???
  14. Ordered three months ago... Delivered to dealer Friday. They sold it to SOMEONE ELSE on Saturday!

    Noticed my JLUR has a "SOLD" Sticker on it from the factory. Wonder if the OP's did too?
  15. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Picking mine up tomorrow!!! 51 days from order to delivery.
  16. Automatic Sticker and Build Sheet tracking

    Ordered 5/12.... arrived at my dealership today.... also the same day chat told me mine was still at Toledo planet waiting for shipping arrangements. Solid.
  17. The KZ wait

    Where are you getting this detailed tracking info?
  18. New Jeep Wrangler Color Indigo Blue???

    In my experience... dealers and salesmen are completely oblivious.