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  1. mpg's on 37's in 2.0

    IMO if you have a rubicon with the 4.10's then youll be fine on 37's. Thats what I have and dont have one complaint at all.
  2. Noob with

    Is there a way to enable sway bar disconnect in 2wd, or over 18mph yet? Also is there a dedicated JScan page on this forum to ask questions and what not?

    It’s actually just random pieces of vinyl all over the whole Jeep (driver and passenger side pattern is different) yes OEM rubicon wheels powdercoated
  4. Where are you guys placing your switches?

    Voswitch jl300. Fits perfect and only $250. I think it’s one of the cheapest and IMO best looking option
  5. RUBICON RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    Anyone find any mudflaps that work with our sliders? I know weathertechs dont. Pic for attention. Tia
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Plasti dipped the engine cover cause I get bored
  7. Jeep. It’s an AWE thing. The AWE Exhaust Suite for the JL/JLU is available now.

    Any vids of the trail edition on the 2.0T yet? Ready to buy just wanna hear a sound clip. My Borla system is too quiet
  8. Voswitch JL300 Lower Dash Switch Panel

    through the firewall that comes out under the dash.
  9. Oracle reverse led upgrade vs OEM LED’s vs BAJA Designs S2 Pro

    voswitch jl300 on Amazon. $250. I didn’t install since good buddy has a shop and is my everything electronics guy. The switch panel is awesome though and highly recommend plus it has 6 switches vs the factory 4
  10. Jeep. It’s an AWE thing. The AWE Exhaust Suite for the JL/JLU is available now.

    Wonder the price?!?! I had the awe exhausts on my old B8.5 Audi S4, and F90 M5 and they sounded amazing! I need one for my 2.0T ASAP!!! Hook a long time AWE lover up!!!
  11. 13.2 mpg with 37s....

    Currently on this tank with 50/50 city/hwy. Not bad for a brick.
  12. E vs C rated tires

    Well I couldn't find any M/T's that were C rated 37's so I ended up with the Milestar Patagonias in a D rating, but I then found out later that the Patagonias in 38's are C load rating! I've already purchased 2 sets of tires for my jeep having it for only 6000 miles, so I wasn't going to...
  13. E vs C rated tires

    IMO C's all day over E. C's have less weight, better acceleration because less rotating mass, much smoother/comfortable ride, and better mpgs's, for the 95% of people that daily drive their vehicles with the occasional weekend off road adventure. Unless youre doing some serious all day everyday...
  14. 13.2 mpg with 37s....

    Ive got a 2020 JLUR w/2.0T etorque, tuned with JB4 (around 20 more whp, 30-40 more wtrq), hard top, steel bumpers, skid plates, 2.5" MC lift, 37" patagonias on OEM wheels, borla exhaust, with the stock 4.10's and I get 17-19mpg combined city and highway when Im driving it normal. When im driving...
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Company sands, heats, and paints it
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    My ocd wouldn’t let me keep it scratched up so I got it refinished. Before and after pic
  17. Rock Light Suggestion

    voswitch jl300 on Amazon. Had them installed so don’t know the details
  18. Rock Light Suggestion

    voswitch jl300 on amazon
  19. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    So the whip is more to the right which makes it easy to put on since it isn’t behind the tire