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  1. Successful 1200 mile Northeast Adventure

    I think 19 is excellent for a many miles on yours? Is it a 3.6/8-speed as well? I think the lighter wheel/tire combo on the Sport and the 3.45s allow it to get up into the 20s.
  2. No Jeep waves here :(

    I always wave...don't always get one back though. I'm in North Jersey across the Bridge from NYC. I wave at JLs, JKs, TJs, and even the rare CJ if I spot one. Seems like a lot of the TJ owners wave back, the newer ones, not as often.
  3. Steering box from a 2 door

    @EcoDRubi if you swapped in a 4-door non-diesel version, it's probably close enough to not feel a difference. You'll notice the difference with a 2-door steering box though. My JL is 5 turns lock-to-lock, whereas my wife's JLU is a little over 4 turns.
  4. Soft top installation for Spring and Summer: are all three of my Vinyl windows secure?

    This post is reminding me that my son and I have to swap the soft top onto my wife's JLUS soon as well. Anyway, the bottom tab on the side windows and rear corners look like they're connected properly. It's hard to see if you got the upper rail on the window slid into the U-channel on the roof...
  5. Purchasing used soft top tips/advice?

    You'd probably be able to find one NIB from someone who got a JLU with the dual-top group and decided to not swap the top. They do pop up on Craigslist or FB Marketplace for ~$1500ish.
  6. Adding charging port to rear seat of a 2 door Willys

    Sure thing, good luck with your new JL! My daughter likes the Jeep now, but she hated the lack of technology initially, especially because my previous lease was a '16 Charger R/T that had dual USB chargers on the rear of the console, power windows, and even heated rear seats. She has been able...
  7. Adding charging port to rear seat of a 2 door Willys

    I have - I used this Quadratec 12V adapter harness which ties in very easily to the factory electronics. No issues with this unit on either my wife's JLU or my JL. I added a USB 3.0 connector for my kids to charge while we're on road trips. The harness gives you two connectors for extra...
  8. Question about Rubicon spring height & spring part numbers

    I'm pretty sure the Rubi shocks are the same regardless of spring rate. That being said, the 61/62 and 91/92 springs will give the most lift on a 2 door. I'm guessing you'll get at least 2"...I got close to 2" with the set below (60/61 and 90/91) on my 2-door.
  9. Soft Top JL 2 door.

    No, the side panels are firmly connected to the lower channel and on the sliding rail - haven't had any issue with those. The part of the top that lifts is where it sits in the rain gutter above the doors.
  10. Soft Top JL 2 door.

    I have the sailcloth on my JL and have no issues with it except when driving through extreme crosswinds (40-50mph gusts) as it lifts up out of the channel...the small Velcro square holding the top section to the side panels just can't handle that wind. The twill top we have for my wife's JLU...
  11. Why are Wrangler mirrors attached to the doors?

    Yes, Ford did it by eliminating the folding windshield, which the Wrangler still has. So, on a Wrangler you'd have to mount the mirrors out somewhere off the cowl. That puts the passenger mirror forward of the A-pillar, and your visibility would be garbage unless you were driving with...
  12. soft top wear

    I noticed the same thing on mine. Watch when you are folding it back to be sure the material is not getting caught underneath the folding mechanism.
  13. Flush Fitments?

    I'm running Rubicon takeoffs - they're 285/70 17 BFG KO2s. If you're keeping your stock 17" wheels that's how it should look. It's not hellaflush, but it's close LOL. Hope that helps!
  14. Base Sport 2 door build. Help me decide: Hard Top or Soft Top given my use case.

    I think I have to agree with @Heimkehr. I have the base top on my 2-door; it's been through two winters with me already, and I had no issues with the snow. The salt hasn't damaged the windows at all, and they use a good amount of it in NJ. I keep up with them with Plexus and they've stayed...
  15. Uconnect keeps crashing and rebooting

    Whoa, looks like a decent radio, thanks for the link. In the description, they claim it works with the factory backup camera. How's your experience with that? And will the OEM steering wheel controls/USB ports and audio input jack still function with this radio?
  16. Uconnect keeps crashing and rebooting

    Bringing this one back around again...I have the 5" Uconnect 3 radio in my '18 and recently started experiencing the same issues. My daughter has had an iPhone XR for a few years now, and we've had no issues with her phone playing music through the stereo when connected to the USB for at least...
  17. Cost of repairing heated seats / wheel?

    Knock on wood, the heated seats in my son's '03 KJ still feel like sitting on lava after a few minutes...wouldn't worry about those failing. The heated steering wheel/electronics tied into that though, I have no idea.
  18. Meet "Mo Green" - My Mojito '18 JL Sport!

    Thanks for the response! Since you have the flag on the hood, I agree, it might be getting a little busy up there. I like the open letters so you can see the body color behind them...I got a PM from @pixeldecals so that's likely who I'm gonna use when I replace the JK letters in the next few...
  19. adjusting the clock constantly?

    I haven't looked, but does the 5" radio have the SAT antenna connector? How is the SIRIUS controlled on the 5"? I currently have a SIRIUS subscription, but am using an Onyx unit plugged into the Aux port on the dash.
  20. Hard top w/new buy

    My wife's JLU has the dual-top group, which comes with that nicer soft top. I feel like it's just about as quiet as the hardtop. Mine has the base soft top, which lets in a little more road noise, but it's not horrible.