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  1. Radio/Mic Mount Options

    I'm running a Midland 275 GMRS and a CB/SSB radio. Both use MagneticMic magnet mounts for the mics. The CB/SSB is mounted with the Quadratec quick release mount, the GMRS is currently on a CMM Offroad mount. I'm using Cooltech antenna mounts for each, a 4' Firestick on the rear for the CB/SSB...
  2. Artec JLU full belly skid reviews?

    I like the aluminum myself, but I'm not a hard core rock crawler I just trail ride here n there. Next Venture Motorsports recently came out with the same type of skid plate. They also offer bolt on slider plates that will slide across rocks while also protecting the skid plates. I love NVM's...
  3. Artec JLU full belly skid reviews?

    Your welcome... I hope it gives you ideas/answers and helps with your decision.
  4. Artec JLU full belly skid reviews?

    Driver and passenger side skid plate mounts (engine mounts) with washers as spacers and new bolts. I forget how much longer the replacement bolts I got were. Just enough to get a few threads exposed in addition to the new washer spacing. Hope all the pics weren't too much and that they helped...
  5. Artec JLU full belly skid reviews?

    Passenger side views....
  6. Artec JLU full belly skid reviews?

    Drivers side view from below... you can see how that section of exhaust is now sort of boxed.
  7. Artec JLU full belly skid reviews?

    Drivers side view looking through...
  8. 5.13 gears 35 inch tires and 8 speed auto

    I’d love to hear your impressions when your swap is done. I’m contemplating the same swap.
  9. Artec JLU full belly skid reviews?

    I had a clearance issue on mine. Both vertically (exhaust just barely touched the skid as it crossed through it) and horizontally (where the exhaust runs parallel outside the skid plate it would touch as the engine torqued). I fixed the issue by putting a couple of washers under the front Artec...
  10. Recommendations: Winch Plate + Winch for Stock Steel Bumper?

    I’ve yet to tow the Jeep behind the RV (we’re thinking of selling the RV). But I use the tow loops as a mount for the shackles. I’m a fan of closed loop winching, not using the Rubicon hooks if I don’t need to. As far as a winch, I went with the Warn Zeon 10s because it’s made in the US. But...
  11. Recommendations: Winch Plate + Winch for Stock Steel Bumper?

    Never a stupid question. The tow loops are used to flat tow the Jeep behind a RV. You just need to get the adapters and it will hook right up to Blue Ox tow bars.
  12. Rain / Overnight Cover - Topless

    I also have the JTops sunscreen :) I figure that will help avoid any puddling in the rain with the RainGear. Thanks for confirming that.
  13. Rain / Overnight Cover - Topless

    I picked up a rain gear cab cover to use this year (haven't used it yet). It is heavy duty! I also do not have a garage and I definitely will be using it (without worry) for overnights when I don't feel like putting the top back up or the doors on.
  14. TaserJL mini

    I'm going to reboot it again and if not unmarry and remarry it again. Thanks.
  15. TaserJL mini

    Uhhh no, when it's on the audio option on the dash there is no info being displayed, other than the antenna graphic (radio station, song) but without the programer plugged in it displays the above info.
  16. TaserJL mini

    Is there a solution to the Taser not showing the radio station/song info on the dash (between tach and speedometer)?
  17. Nauset Beach in Orleans

    They’re all at the mercy of the Piping Plovers. Each beach has its own plus and minus that you have to decide on.... or try them all. I’ll be doing Sandy Neck with possibly a week pass at some point for the National Seashore (but I also have further to travel to them than you).
  18. Impressions from a 5.13 gears install on a JL Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon (JLUR)

    I don’t see 8th gear too often on the highway unless barely feathering the throttle or downhill. My JLUR is fairly heavy with full skid plates (aluminum underbody, but steel diff Covers, skids and LCA skids), winch, various Maximus-3 parts, Mopar lift etc etc. One of these days I’ll have to get...
  19. Nauset Beach in Orleans

    Great pics! Makes me miss the days of running the beaches of Nantucket. Had some great times fishing and hanging out with friends. Nauset is just a bit of a ride for me where Sandy Neck is more do-able for day trips.