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  1. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    You do see a Canadian maple leaf. My late father was Canadian and I always put a maple leaf on my cars (Jeep!) in memory of him. I blame him for my love of cars, baseball, and wine :).
  2. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Cross-post. I love this color!
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Life has been a bit crazy and I finally got her in summer mode.
  4. 2 seater JLs - the good, bad, and ugly bikinis

    I had this exact shade on my 2-door and loved it. I kept it on with the soft top up. I used the Tuffy Tailgate box in my 2-door and it worked well. I have the Slipstream now and highly recommend it.
  5. Black grills

    Gloss black (Recon)... dirty: clean:
  6. New 2021 Wrangler Unlinted Rubicon - Diesel

    Congratulations! Post pics :rock: I have the Mopar step/rails and find them useful for a step. I would have gotten the Rock Hard tube sliders if my Jeep didn’t come with the rails. I like my leather because it cleans up easily. Others have used seat covers and might chime in. I ordered mine...
  7. Show off your Topless Tuesday Jeeps

    I need to get an updated photo with my new wheels and tires. And in the mountains :rock:
  8. It has been a busy week

    Please post pics of the Table Mesa Trail. We were in Sedona when we visited my daughter and her fiancé but didn’t know about that trail. We ran Broken Arrow (the fiancé did most of the driving) and Schnebly Hill. I’d like to go back for Table Mesa.
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I love that!! Wow! Looks awesome. I’m tempted to swap out my leather dash for Punk’n :rock:.
  10. Finding a good mechanic in Sacramento area?

    Hi and congratulations on your Jeep! I‘ve taken mine to Cloakworks (Metalcloak’s shop), which is off Sunrise and 50. I was also referred to Hunter’s 4X4 by a Jeeper I was talking to a while back. He raved about them but I haven’t used them yet. Post pics when you get your Jeep!
  11. Took a friend to Broken Arrow - Her first offroad adventure in her Jeep.

    What a cool thing to do, especially for a girl going through losing her dad. She sounds like a good kid. I’m sure the day meant a lot to her.
  12. 2nd row Dog seat cover for JLUR

    We bought this one seven years ago and it still looks like new. It has openings for the rear seatbelts to keep the cover from sliding and for the harness:
  13. Crazy deals on all sizes of Mickey Thompson ATZ P3s, get em now!

    I was driving Miatas when he had that JK, but I loved the Jeep. He sold the Jeep :crying: and I was so bummed. Now I have my JL and he has a Boxster. Funny how we swapped (sorta) rides :CWL:. That was a great Jeep. The guy who bought it works close to where we live. I’m going to have to get...
  14. 'em

    She’s adorable! There must be a treat involved in this pic :LOL:
  15. Crazy deals on all sizes of Mickey Thompson ATZ P3s, get em now!

    I’m a dork, I forgot that my husband ran these on his JK and he was very happy with the tires off-road. (Must.get.more.cofffffffeeeeee)
  16. Crazy deals on all sizes of Mickey Thompson ATZ P3s, get em now!

    Thanks! I love this thing. I got the 315s. I don’t have a lift—yet! Gotta get my girl married first :).
  17. Crazy deals on all sizes of Mickey Thompson ATZ P3s, get em now!

    Wow! What a deal! I got these tires last December and have been happy with them (haven’t gone off-road yet).
  18. Cracked one week in

    I just had my windshield replaced last week. We have Progressive and they denied the request for the GG glass. I had the AT-AT walker sticker chasing my Jeep and had to get a new one for the new windshield. I got five—planning ahead :LOL:.