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  1. Magnuson Supercharger available $6495

    Wow that’s awesome. I think stock Maggie is just 7 psi if memory serves, that’s some real boost that you’re doing. I do wanna figure out how to get the latest file pushed. I think my 6 speed and 5.13 gears are limiting. I was proud that I outran a minivan the other day. I’m still happy as...
  2. Magnuson Supercharger available $6495

    I feel so pedestrian now with the stock Magnuson and their base tune. You went hog wild!
  3. Magnuson Supercharger available $6495

    Awesome man, hope it turns out great for you. Love to see what you did when you’re done!
  4. Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform Compatible With Kayak?

    Hey thanks so much, I really appreciate it. That gives a lot of assurance that this might not be as difficult as I imagine. From your experience, it’s no issue sliding it directly on the rack? My first kayak, and I was worried that sliding it directly on the rack (on the gunnels, hull facing...
  5. Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform Compatible With Kayak?

    I’m working on the same thing. I have the rhino rack pioneer platform, and just put a deposit Hobie Compass -12” kayak that is about 34” wide, and 65 pounds. Do you lay yours directly on the platform, and do you side load or rear load? I am lifted and on 37’s and trying to figure out the best...
  6. Magnuson Supercharger available $6495

    Yes, it’s great so far, even though it’s apparently an explosive grenading clutch.
  7. Magnuson Supercharger available $6495

    Thank you Kurt0, I’ll stay in touch!
  8. Magnuson Supercharger available $6495

    I had mine installed a while ago, so probably not. I asked my offroad shop several months ago if I could get a newer tune, as folks described here that new / better tunes had emerged from Magnuson (I assume Petty’s at the time.). My shop talked to them and were told that the new tunes then...
  9. Steersmarts trackbar brace with pitman armsupport

    Sorry for slow responding bud. The shop that mounted (Mount Zion offroad) all the steering components had to clearance the bracket. They mention it briefly, and as a sort of “no big deal” context, on a video they put up on YT and IG...but details aren’t really shared. I think there may be a...
  10. Magnuson Supercharger available $6495

    The considerations you presented were great. Even though I’ve been on Magnuson for some time already, my reaction was - wow that’s great critical thinking, you’ll choose a best option, and it made me question my choice. Can I ask what your investigation found that turned you to Magnuson?
  11. Steersmarts trackbar brace with pitman armsupport

    Hey what's a best tool for me to take that surface/edge and grind it down?
  12. Roof rack system and still remove hardtop fairly easily?

    My garage ceiling is close to 10.5, and I run 37s on 3.5 lift. It’s way more ceiling height than required for the contraption, I bet I could get away with 8...speculating. I could take some measurements when I pull the top back off in a few weeks.
  13. Roof rack system and still remove hardtop fairly easily?

    Yes, and it was hung that way for a couple months, up until the weather turned cool and I put the hard top back on. I haven’t had any problems at all, I still run it through car washes without any leaks for what it’s worth. I haven’t been switching it back and forth frequently... it was hung...