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  1. Roll Call Canadians

    I been around Hwy 404 and Major Mackenzie, usually head north on 404,,:like:
  2. Storage cover ?

    Time for winter storage for MOJEEPO I'm fortunate enough that its not my daily driver or my winter beater here. Can anyone recommend a good breathable storage cover mostly to keep the dust off while its sleeping.
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Just back from my detailer.... XPEL protection and ceramic coating along with window tint and replaced all vehicle emblems with blackout ones.
  4. What did you PARK NEXT to in your Jeep today?

    Added more MOJITO to MO JEEPO over the weekend totally happy with color match... Waiting on the new winch to show up so just mocked up the Fairlead for pics
  5. Buying a Jeep in Canada - Specifically Ontario

    I put together my factory order and shopped it around had 8 dealer quote me a price and 5 dealers would not play that game with me. In the end my order went to the best quote which was Silvia @ Vaughan Chrysler and the funny thing was they were the closet dealer to where I live. I also avoided...
  6. Roll Call Canadians

    New doors and cargo net on now its starting to come together was a great weekend for seat time here .
  7. Roll Call Canadians

    Sharp jeep... where did you find sunshine in Ontario kinda rare eh :jk: Im still waiting to go topless :please:
  8. Roll Call Canadians

    Congrats !!! pics please Yeah loving the wheels the 35's should be stock.
  9. black badges

    Looking for replacement Jeep badges and trail rated badges in black seems there are lots on amazon but wondering if anyone here has had good luck with. I rather not plasti spray them if I can buy decent new ones in satin black
  10. Roll Call Canadians

    Hope you folks are staying dry i cant imagine what some are going through with the flood waters Looks like spring is a no show this means summer should show up soon eh !! Managed to get the new Mopar wheels and 35" BFGs on today. Jeep feels way more planted and drives even better. Cant wait to...
  11. Interior Dash paint shop in Toronto

    Wondering is anyone can refer a local shop that's good in Toronto or surrounding area. Looking to have my dash painted to match Mojito
  12. Roll Call Canadians

    3 weeks is super quick considering its probably 3 to 6 days in shipping regardless it sounds like there no where near as busy as they were. Good luck if you think your not sleeping now wait till it arrives lol
  13. Roll Call Canadians

    Try calling this number and give them only your name and VIN worked for me in the past 1 800 992-1997
  14. Roll Call Canadians

    Ordered March 12 @ Vaughan Chrysler
  15. Roll Call Canadians

    My dealer pics just arrived picking it up tonight
  16. Roll Call Canadians

    Ordered March 12 so this would be pretty quick turnaround
  17. Roll Call Canadians

    Nice what color is your new Sahara ...I managed to trick .com Chat a few times just gave the a zip number and they gave me the info. My new Ruby is showing up tonight on the transport according to my local dealer Vaughan Chrysler.
  18. Found the prototype of the JL Rubicon wheels

    Is that the steel bumper proto as well lol
  19. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Been on here for a few weeks now and totally enjoying it. We had a 20011 Wrangler years ago. Back into the jeep mode now that we just ordered a new JLUR. Parts are starting to arrive and I think the wife is on my side so far.... ..
  20. Roll Call Canadians