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  1. Typical jeep owner aside, there is just no reason for people to own a Jeep Wrangler

    Maybe I wasn't clear in my previous post. I did not want any other Jeep other than a JL as I was not happy with any of the creature comforts offered by any other model of wrangler. I like to off-road in comfort with leather seats, entertainments system, gadgets, etc. The JLR had everything I...
  2. Typical jeep owner aside, there is just no reason for people to own a Jeep Wrangler

    I mean, I literally bought mine solely because I wanted to go off-road. The reason I bought the JL is because I hated the basic cabin of the older Jeeps, I wanted all the tech that came with the JLs. Taking doors and tops off is nice but that was 100% not part of the main selling points for me...
  3. Leak or Thread Sealant?

    There's a few of us that have had the RMS Leak within the 10k miles on our new JLs. Keep an eye on it, if oil start to drip out of those little rubber plugs then take it in and get it fixed.
  4. Typical jeep owner aside, there is just no reason for people to own a Jeep Wrangler

    "If you have a problem figuring out whether or not his post was a joke from the beginning, then you aint black" -Joe Biden
  5. Are you stimulated?

    I make around 140k a year and my wife doesn't work. Since I'm married I got the full 2800 dollars THAT I DIDNT NEED OR WANT..... lol. They call it a stimulus check I call it a forced loan that I will probably be paying interest on until I fckn die. Blew it all on "assault weapons" and some ammo...
  6. Off-roading with a manual transmission?

    I have a manual JLR. I went with manual because I love to actually drive my vehicles. 100% though if I could do this over I would have gotten a auto tranny because I mainly off-road my JL. Clutch control while trying to do some serious rock climbing is a bitch in so many ways. Having an auto...
  7. New Steering Box, why all this fluid

    Why not spray it down with some simple green and hose, then check on it in a few days.
  8. Milestar Patagonia MT review

    Can confirm, wet grip off-roading is poopoo. Tired performs great on dry rock, good on road manors, great in the snow, and does well in the mud. They were dirt cheap for a 37" tire, once the tread is heavily worn down I plan on trying something a little more top tier.
  9. DIY Centerforce flywheel and clutch install

    The clutch should come with an alignment tool
  10. Possibly buying 2018 CPO Rubi Unlimited today, what things to look for??

    Is this a 4 door? I paid 41k for a custom ordered fully loaded JLR delivered with 13 miles on it, wondering if your price seems a little high.
  11. Centerforce Clutch Installed on JL Rubicon

    Did your old pressure plate look like ToyCrushers with the weights?
  12. '21 Diesel Oil Leak on Engine Driver's Side

    This one sounds like a plus, not a negative ..... :bandit:
  13. New York USED - Mopar LED Tailights

    Modest Bump, Priced to sell!
  14. Centerforce Clutch Installed on JL Rubicon

    That's good to hear, my noise started after about 5thousand miles on the clutch, hopefully you are out of the woods but I wont be positive until I put some mileage on mine. Can you let us know if the engagement point moves up the pedal at all over time? When my was first installed the bite point...
  15. Centerforce Clutch Installed on JL Rubicon

    You and me both buddy, accept I don't want to install it for a third time .... -_-
  16. Centerforce Clutch Installed on JL Rubicon

    I can take pics of the new one if anyone needs it for whatever reason, paying for my install next month.
  17. Centerforce Clutch Installed on JL Rubicon

    I feel like that HAS to be his original pressure plate.
  18. Cost to install Mopar 2" lift

    Absolutely no dealer will charge you 250bucks for to install a lift, I think that number was pulled out of that dudes pooper. You can expect anywhere between 600-1500 hundred. They are called stealerships for a reason. I installed my Mopar Lift on my 2 door rubi and it took me about 4 hours...