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  1. Tried (and failed) negotiating on a Rubicon today...thoughts?

    Dealers have zero incentive to sell as the Wrangler is always in demand, so they will give a little, but big cuts in pricing aren't going to happen. When the new diesels and the big V8s are selling while the other 2 models sit on the lots (2.0 and 3.6 engines), you will have some leverage, but...
  2. Cold Air Intake by Mopar?

    Yes. It is a build option, unfortunately I didn't check that box, then changed my mind after delivery. Odd that they can add it at the factory but Mopar won't sell it as after market yet. Also have read anything from 0 to 72 hp increase and torque increase to above 500 fp. Who knows what is fact?
  3. How cold before block heater needed?

    Never had issues with my Ram 5.9L or 6.7L diesels in cold weather, down to -34°, however my wife's gasser wouldn't start until it warmed up to +10°. my dad a had an old 12 valve Ram diesel and that bitch was hard starting at anything below freezing. I think I'd plug the JLURD in at anything...
  4. After market cold air intake

    Yesterday I was standing next to the JLURD when my wife started it, now it sounds like a diesel, guess it just needs to blow out the girlie stuff or something, has about 800 miles on it.
  5. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    The second one is to power the starter when the engine turns off like at a stop sign.
  6. After market cold air intake

    Yep, loved my 98 Ram 2500 diesel!
  7. Cold Air Intake by Mopar?

    What is the catch can for?
  8. After market cold air intake

    Increase in horsepower, torque, and make it sound like a diesel engine. I had a guy next to me start up his VW Jetta diesel, it was embarrassing.
  9. After market cold air intake

    No, need one for the 3.0L diesel.
  10. Jeep Wrangler Diesel Gets Canceled in 2022??

    I bought mine so my wife could tow our ATV while I pulled the travel trailer, engines last longer, better fuel economy, and I love diesel engines.
  11. Rubicon Diesel

    Ordered in March or April, after the covid shit started, took delivery middle of July, I know they are discontinuing the "ocean blue" paint in 2021, dealer didn'tsay anything about loosing the diesel in Rubicon after this year.
  12. Where is the engine block heater cord?

    Bastards, charging $95 for a $16 cord...
  13. Cold Air Intake by Mopar?

    Wow, good job. I don't know if I'd dare cut into a brand new hood!
  14. After market cold air intake

    I didn't get the optional cold air Intake when I ordered my JLURD, now I want it with a tuned exhaust. Seems to me if its a factory option you should be able to order from Mopar, nope. No 2 1/2" exhaust systems from the cat back, either. Anyone have a lead on one? How about a muffler shop...
  15. EcoDiesel Badge

    Exactly what I did, small black/red turbo diesel badge on both sides and one on the tailgate.
  16. Why do JL owners do this?

    I had a Mopar lift kit, 35x12.5x20 tires installed on my wife's JLUDR. I drove it for the first time this week, handles better, is quieter, and steering is more responsive than her '13 Jk Rubicon. Looks better too. Don't know why there are haters over what someone does to their own vehicles...
  17. EcoDiesel Badge

    You'd think they'd want to show some pride in this new innovation, i was sorely disappointed in the diesel badging.
  18. EcoDiesel Muffler Delete

    My 3.0L is so quiet I can hardly tell its a diesel. You removed the exhaust from the cat back and it still sounds the same? Will it still pass emissions in the future? Thanks.