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  1. Florida Milestar Patagonia 37 on method wheels

    How much just the tires?
  2. Texas Rock Krawler 2.5 Front and Rear Coil Springs - Houston TX

    Where are you located I’ll take them of your hands
  3. California Looking to spare tire reinforcement for JL

    Pictures and price
  4. Dana 44 with limited slip!

    Do you know which one would fit it have a link?
  5. Dana 44 with limited slip!

    Can I add an air locker to the Dana 44 with Limited slip or an air locker.
  6. Axle Swap!

    Will a Gladiator Dana 44 rear axle with lockers fit my Sahara JLU?
  7. Texas Jeep JL Rubicon Hood (Black)

    Yup! But I painted it myself not the worst job but it’s not professional
  8. Texas Jeep JL Rubicon Hood (Black)

    It’s Orange now but yeah still for sale.
  9. Texas 4x Rubicon takeoff wheels

    I can pick them up tomorrow I’ll pm you
  10. Texas 4x Rubicon takeoff wheels

    if you have the 5th One I’ll buy them Saturday
  11. Texas Diode Dynmics SS3 Lights
  12. Texas Diode Dynmics SS3 Lights

    I have 3 set of diode Dynamics SS3 pod 2 Max Spot and one Sport Spot they are all brand new. $425ea pair for the SS3(Max) And 150 for the SS3(Sport). Local or shipped ($10)
  13. Texas KC Pro6 (Spot)

    I still have them I’ll be in nac tomorrow
  14. Texas Uconnect 8.4 with NAV and Climate control

    I sold this one but I have a new one pm me and yes it has Sirius
  15. Steel bumper bolt size

    You ever get it figured out? If you did can you tell me?
  16. Texas Jeep JL 8.4 Uconnect Radio

    Yes it does!!
  17. Texas Jeep JL 8.4 Uconnect Radio

    Tyler TX
  18. Texas Jeep JL 8.4 Uconnect Radio

    I got a 8.4 Uconnect Radio We took of a 2021 Wrangler Rubicon Asking $1070 Shipped. Will include Bezel and Radio Code