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  1. RESOLUTION!!!! Dealership messed up oil change worried about serious damage

    i imagine most people aren’t registered or ignore the emails or they get caught up in their spam filters but they’re a very important tool for dispute resolution I’ve found.
  2. RESOLUTION!!!! Dealership messed up oil change worried about serious damage

    Some advice... if the dealer has your information/you’re registered with Jeep, they will email you a survey in a few weeks time - take the survey and be honest with your scores and notes. If they get anything less than 10s, it’s really bad for business... so when I had a shitty experience at a...
  3. Spartan Grille for JLUR

  4. Ohio beginner trails

    Right on! Im ready! :) They have a trail ride this Friday (Black Friday) and I want to go but may be in a food coma and want to visit some family so I’m on the fence. They're open again December 14th though so I’ll definitely be going then. If you can’t make it December, they’re closed January...
  5. Ohio winter brine is changing

    I can’t tell if you’ve lived here your whole life or just moved here from somewhere else.... I’m a lifetime Clevelander - so I’m not really bitter (as you sound) about this stuff. Just kind of meh about all of it. I can see someone moving here expecting something (maybe?) and then being...
  6. Ohio winter brine is changing Just saw this on Fox 8. No mention of it being extra terrible for cars but I believe it! Looking into rust proof treatments now. Sigh..
  7. Ohio beginner trails

    If you can find us, tag along! My Jeep is easy to spot. See photos earlier in the thread and I have a skeleton on my front bumper now :)
  8. Ohio beginner trails

    I will be there Saturday! 10am at the cabin as usual
  9. Top Factory Option You'd Pass On

    Bumpers would be probably be the best to skip... fortunately my Sport S was pretty basic. Don’t need to poke around a giant screen while I’m driving, don’t need my Jeep to “try” and drive for me, don’t need leather that my dogs would trash... etc etc Regarding your steel factory bumpers though...
  10. JLU Trektop or wait?

    Would you consider a normal soft top? I have a standard one (non-premium) and I absolutely love it. Hot summer? It’s fine. Cold winter? It’s fine. Everything in between? Top off and down in 30 seconds. Goes back on quickly too. I’d say the factory soft top design is some pinnacle of humanity...
  11. Ohio beginner trails

    Bummer! I’m still running late so now it’s looking like 11:00am.... sorry! Don’t want to leave anyone hanging so text/iMessage me if you can’t find me. 440-610-9117 Will be leaving in hopefully the next 30 minutes. Just loaded all the tools into the Jeep
  12. Ohio beginner trails

    If anyone was interested in joining me today - I am running a tiny bit late... I’ll be at the cabin at 10:30-10:45ish. :rock:
  13. Motobilt diff covers and rear track bar - any contact?

    Interesting. I just got done installing my Falcon shocks so with extra droop we’ll see if there’s any issues tomorrow! I have a rubicon express track bar fwiw While installing the shocks I did a little droop test in my garage and didn’t note any clearance issues. Did have to modify my break...
  14. Ohio beginner trails

    It’s called Maplets. If you have iPhone, here’s a link to the App Store. Maplets – The Offline Maps App by Zaia Design Can’t wait to test my new Falcon shocks tomorrow! Woohoo!
  15. New Axle???

    I assume you also have a lift and bigger tires if you regeared and you said you wheel it so I’d say you’re lucky the dealership is even doing the axle repair under warranty..... sad but true
  16. Ohio beginner trails

    Sweet! I’ll be at the cabin at 10am on Saturday! If you want to wheel with me, just look Bear Trap (photos throughout the thread).
  17. Motobilt diff covers and rear track bar - any contact?

    Awesome, thanks for the feedback! I’m going to try it out stock this weekend... new shocks are going on tomorrow so I’ll just find out I guess! Not worried about damaging the diff cover.... I did a little flexing in my back yard and I think maybe that track bar doesn’t move as much as I...
  18. 4h/4l transmission help

    No offense to the OP at all because I’ve been in those shoes but this question comes up soooo much. Maybe there should be a FAQ sticky for new Jeepers?
  19. TPMS warning... well, this is odd

    This is my experience too. I can have all read 34 after wheeling or a cool morning and it’ll complain about just one. If you can lower the threshold, I would or - what I do - find a gas station with a nice digital air pump and set it to 34 PSI and hit all the tires. One near me is pretty...