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  1. Guess I should have ordered a Ford Bronco!

    Just use a cigarette lighter? Or a quarter are literally anything with an edge and big enough to have leverage on your thumb. To get your visa in Germany, you have to prove you can open an beer with at least 5 different common items.
  2. Anyone else have this under their dash?

    Nothing. They are not. There are very strict laws preventing it though.
  3. Anyone else have this under their dash?

    Say what you will about Europe.. but this kind of thing is impossible here. Bruce Willis himself would descend via attack helicopter on the dealer who installed such a device.
  4. Anyone else have this under their dash?

    Most of these things use an eSIM nowadays.
  5. 2.2L no longer available

    Has anyone else seen that the 2.2L is discontinued? Pretty disappointing. I drove both the 2.0L and the 2.2D and found the power delivery of the 2.2D far better than the the petrel engine. Admittedly, the petrel engine was significantly quieter. You can now only get the 2.0L petrel engine...
  6. Anyone watch the Lite Brite Jeep Youtube channel?

    I agree with the majority here. Was interesting in the beginning, but over-the-top product I don't blame them for it. It is there job. They are basically the "instagram influencers" of the Jeep world. Fine, if you are into that kinda thing.
  7. Jeep Announces Jeep 4xe Charging Network

    Seems like everyone and their grandma is rolling out their own proprietary charging solutions. I'd say this is one of those times where the Goberment needs to step in and stop this proprietary shit. Sure, I can see why it would be good for Tesla to have a charging network which only works with...
  8. Jeep Announces Jeep 4xe Charging Network

    Rivian is planning more or less the same thing. Apparently the US parks services are not opposed to it. Rivian will use 250KW chargers using the open CCS standard. I notice that the Jeep does not have the Two huge DC pins on the charging port.. so that will be slower there I guess. Those Jeep...
  9. maps update for anyone in EU?

    Has anyone ever gotten a map update on their system yet? Where I live, we already have a few newly opening highways which are not covered on the 2018-19 database. I have never been able to find anything online though since uconnects EU site is so terrible . Has anyone ever managed to log into...
  10. Is there a no drill roof rack?

    You could always do what myth busters did.. That would definitely increase the load capacity of the roof..
  11. First Preview of Easter Jeep Safari Concepts, Including Magneto Wrangler EV Concept

    That would be really inefficient to use the transmission and transfer box, as the other poster mentioned. An electric motor delivers its maximum torque at zero RPM. They also deliver power instantly and have a very large range than an ICE, so they don't need a system to keep them at their...
  12. First Preview of Easter Jeep Safari Concepts, Including Magneto Wrangler EV Concept

    Crammed with what? There is nothing that "needs" to be in that space. Here is the front trunk on a rivian. That thing also has 4 motors. One at each wheel.
  13. Rhino Rack JL Backbone RJLB1

    True. Big reason why I tried to convince my wife to let me buy a G-wagon 350d. It's only 50k more than the Jeep, but alas.. no luck.
  14. Rhino Rack JL Backbone RJLB1

    I was thinking about getting this rack myself, so I have downloaded the instructions to see what a pain it may be to install.. I have to say I was pretty shocked about the limitations on cargo capacity. It appears that if you get the Pioneer Elevation platform you are likely going to exceed...
  15. Do you prefer a black or body coloured hardtop?

    I personally think the body color looks significantly better. My Rubicon happens to be black, so it was easy to get the cheaper option. However, I would still order the cheaper black roof and spend that additional money on something else. It's not like I can see it when I am sitting inside...
  16. Diesel: Legally delete after 25years

    Deletes are a federal crime , Just ask the Diesel Brothers. BTW, also not legal in TX. Checking through the linked articles in their site, there is no mention of a 25 year cutoff. I know you can import 25 yo cars, but you...
  17. Jeep Theft Made EASY

    I hate carrying keys. Especially the rediculously large Jeep Fob. I am looking forward to the day when I can just use my phone to unlock and drive the car, as well as the house. Having to use my phone's authentication (finger print or face ID) would actually be more secure than using a phyical...
  18. Jeep Theft Made EASY

    Police have been advising for years not to leave your Key Fob near the doors or walls close to the Jeep. In 2015, there was a wave of Jeep thefts in SoCal using this re-broadcasting method to unlock the doors and disable the alarms. At least for me, my garage is pretty far away and made of...
  19. Jeeps in Snow... post pics.

    Should have used a chainsaw and turned that into an ice sculpture ;) Were you able to drive around that?