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  1. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    My build sheet showed Bridgestone too. The Destination M/T's actually came on my '21 JLU Willys. Delivered in early/mid January.
  2. 2022 Color Wish List

    I always loved the way my 97 Moss Green Pearl Sahara with a tan top looked in the sun. A close second was the Natural Green Pearl on my 10 JKU Sahara. Currently driving a 21 Sarge JLU Willys. I'm partial to green Jeeps if you haven't noticed.
  3. New Steel Steering Box is worse

    I looked yesterday and the steering box is black. I'm under the impression that means it's the newer steel version.
  4. New Steel Steering Box is worse

    I have a '21 JLU Willys (built 12/2020) with 2000 miles on it. From day one it felt a little "skittish" on road and I feel like I'm constantly making little corrections with the steering wheel. The tires were at 39 psi when I brought it home and I've lowered them to 36. Door tag says 37 psi for...
  5. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Just got the call that mine is in.Ordered 10/10. Pick it up Monday 1/11. 6 speed 8.4" radio dual tops tow pkg hardtop headliner
  6. Opinions on Hartop Headliner?

    West Herr.
  7. Opinions on Hartop Headliner?

    When I ordered my '21 JLU Willys in October I was told it was a mandatory "option" in my market. I'm in the Buffalo NY area so it does get cold here but I've had a '97 Sahara, '04 Rubicon, and '10 JKU Sahara and I've never felt I needed anything more than the stock hardtop.
  8. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Finally showed up in the system! Just wondering what the difference is between the "normal suspension" on the Sports and the "heavy duty suspension with gas charged shocks" on the Saharas or the "performance suspension" on the Rubicons. Is it just spring rate, height, etc? Or is it something...
  9. Stock lug nuts

    Thanks. Saw another thread about them but it wanted to make 100% certain. Looks like I'll be ordering aftermarket.
  10. Stock lug nuts

    Are the stock lug nuts solid one piece or are they two piece, steel with aluminum "covers" that inevitably fall off like the JK's.
  11. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    I'm still at D1 since 10/19/20 (ordered 10/10) according to my dealer. According to Chat the parts have been acquired and it's waiting to be built. Similar build to yours, JLUW, manual, dual tops, tow and 8.4" stereo. I have no idea what the delay is either.
  12. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Ordered a 2021 JLU Willys on 10/10/2020. Sarge Green, 3.6, 6 speed manual, dual tops, 8.4" radio, tow package. Dealer emailed me with a build date of 11/9 and, more recently, a ship date of 12/7. Still no build sheet or window sticker in the system. I'm just hoping it doesn't get held up by any...