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  1. Different fluid change 27k

    Crap, I meant Asmoil lol. Asmoil does have an additive already, just not sure if its sufficent or not.
  2. Different fluid change 27k

    About to do mine with the same when I get a chance next week, I didn't go with the Mopar FM though, I just went with valvolines LSD additive, but, I also don't know how much to use. Might just do a half also, does it hurt to use too much?
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Any more pictures? Particularly from side on? I love the look but can never find any JL's with it done.
  4. Pictures of powder coated lift kits/Accessories on your JL

    Yeah I plan on doing the steering components and linkage etc, I am leaving the fox shocks alone but the springs is what I have been concerned about, I might just leave them black and do the rest.
  5. Thoughts on Buying a Used JLU??

    Honestly, nobody can make a decision unless we know what your plans are after the purchase, if it's solely a DD with barely any off roading and you want lift and decent size tires for the looks, the Sahara is more than likely the way to go. If you actually off road, you'll probably want to go...
  6. Pictures of powder coated lift kits/Accessories on your JL

    Yeah after more research I have found some people suggesting this, but have not found anyone who actually suffered any problems. Still couple weeks till I decide if I am going to do them or not, so I'll keep researching, thanks :)
  7. European version Rubicon – 34’’ inch set up.

    I have yet to install mine, but look into a Tazer Mini Lite, these programmers hook up to the ECU were you can lower the TPMS limit, or even disable it... They also provide other features, very popular product among the forum members. There are also the Flashcal etc, I am not sure if you can...
  8. Pictures of powder coated lift kits/Accessories on your JL

    I can't say I would be going for more color if I had the Bikini also! I have the Granite, been going for a kind of gold secondary color, but not overdone. Wheels, D-rings, and the lift kit coils, track bar, tie rod is what I planned on getting done, I have found a few photos of jeeps with it...
  9. Pictures of powder coated lift kits/Accessories on your JL

    Been debating on powder coating my lift kit that's en route to add some more color, anyone have pictures of what they have done to there Jeep?
  10. Lift kit advice, Rock Krawler a solid choice?

    Typically you need an aftermarket drive shaft when you're going ~3.5inches+ (Or at least its recommended) but I believe this recommendation is only in play if you actually off-road your vehicle and attempt full flex. As a DD you should be fine, but i'll let others add onto this.
  11. Differential Oil

    Yeah I ended up buying the Amsoil Slip-lock, obviously it was developed with there own products in mind and should work good. I ordered it just encase I needed it, instead of having to wait for it to get in, thanks!
  12. Differential Oil

    I am going to pull the trigger on the 75w90 and 75w140 Asmoil Severe fluid, with the Sahara, I do have the LSD in the rear and I understand that the Asmoil does come with some LSD additive, but if I needed more would you go with the Mopar LSD additive or Asmoils Slip lock additive?
  13. Downsides to no LSD on 6 speed?

    This is very true, I have 33x12.5/17 on my 6 speed sahara, 3.45 gears are fine for city driving honestly, 6th gear is completely gone on the highway for me, downshift to 4th for some inclines. If you plan on going 35s as you mentioned, plan to regear. I think I am set on 4.88s when I go to 35...
  14. Downsides to no LSD on 6 speed?

    Ahh okay, I am not sure about that, someone else might be able to clarify if it's true or not.
  15. Downsides to no LSD on 6 speed?

    The really only downside is you'll have the dana 35 rear, and not the upgraded dana 44 (m220). Mild trails, no intense rock crawling? Who cares, go for it. If you expect to do serious off-roading on 35s I would reconsider for the peace of mind of a 44 rear.
  16. Ordering 2020 Sahara but need help with options

    Imo you have the "must haves" already selected, but I highly suggest adding the LED lighting package, I didn't with my Sahara, mainly because I heard bad reviews of the JK's LED headlights (ordered mine 2018) and went aftermarket (Bioculus LED headlights) the halogens are absolutely garbage. If...
  17. Trektop Ultra installed.

    I had my Jeep delivered in may of 2018, I don't think I once had so much stuff back there that this slant would of caused any problems. I think the main reason though is that it looks bad-ass (IN MY OPINION), I love the fastback look, and my @Bestop trek top arrived recently, need to go pick it up.
  18. How May Miles on Your 3.6?

    No we weren't, my initial question that started the conversation was in regards to axle fluid, not transmission fluid.
  19. How May Miles on Your 3.6?

    Are you using 75W-140 due to the fact you tow? If you weren't towing would you still use the same?
  20. How May Miles on Your 3.6?

    Looks like I might do this the weekend, trying to take care of her as much as possible lol. What synthetic oil would you guys recommend for the m186 front, m220 rear (Sahara with LSD)? New to a lot of this so i'll still do my research.