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  1. 2.0 turbo E-torque warranty?

    Thank you. I called Ziegler to confirm and they said it was correct. Yes, it is completely different than what my warranty book says.
  2. 2.0 turbo E-torque warranty?

    I have found this information On line , but my dealer says it’s not true. Can anyone here verify or refute this info? In addition, as part of the Basic Limited Warranty, the Federal Emission Warranty covers the following parts of the Jeep eTorque system for 7 years/70,000 miles, whichever comes...
  3. Thoughts on ETorque long-term?

    I freaked out after I bought my 2020JLUR Recon with the 2.0 turbo etorque when I found out it was discontinued for 2021. I am still trying to verify the 8/80,000 E Torque warranty with my dealer. Yes, the 48 volt battery and MGU are expensive to replace. But at 8/80k how can you complain? I have...
  4. What's new in latest software update?

    The update Fixes the GPS working in low altitude in off-road pages. Mine quit working. . I was told update would not be until May.of course I had just installed a Tazzer so I spent 2 days trying to sort it out.....
  5. Software update

    My off-road pages GPS, altitude and MPH have been working spotty. I just installed a Tazzer so I thought that was it. The GPS works in Nav. I removed the Tazzer and I took it to the dealer and they say an update will come over the air in MAY. Are you guys getting updates now?
  6. Rubicon owners . Dash display

    After being told by 2 dealers I needed to replace the center instrument display and be down for 2 weeks I stepped up and bought a Tazzer mini. I just installed a Mopar lift and 37” BFG K02s so I needed to recalibrate the speedo anyway. After watching YouTube and reading the instructions I...
  7. Rubicon owners . Dash display

    Both dealers tried to reset the computer per the factory tech support. They both said it would go to Rubicon until the key was recycled then it would go back to Wrangler. Maybe the Recon says Wrangler because it has the Sahara Padded dash?
  8. Rubicon owners . Dash display

    So I actually took it to 2 dealers and got the same answer. And yeah, after taking it back 3 times after the steering box change , and the body damage they did, I’m going to buy a Tazzer and see what happens. I need to adjust the speedo after the 37s anyway. Thank you everyone for your responses.
  9. Rubicon owners . Dash display

    Thank you everyone for taking the time to look at this and respond. So when I took my Jeep in for the steering box replacement I asked if they could flash the dash to say Rubicon. After contacting the Jeep engineers, they were told to do a hard reset on the computer. When they did that, they...
  10. New User - Novice questions needed on JL Rubicon

    I personally would NOT buy a first year model of any production car. It will get better as the years go on. (Bronco) If you buy a Rubicon you will not by sorry. It has great resale value and will go just about anywhere. Right now you can get a discount on Rubicons if you look around. (Something...
  11. Question About Jeep Value (before I take delivery today)

    I spent 2 months trying to find a low miles JL or JLU. The asking prices were so high that I quit looking and bought a New 2020 Recon for $4000 off sticker and 0% financing.
  12. OEM all weather Mopar floor mats

    Yes, that’s the video I watched that made me want to sell mine before I even installed them. I didn’t rewatch all of if, but in the first couple of minutes he sets the mat down and locks in the mounts but doesn’t push down on the drain. Then he says look, it lets water in.... When I pushed the...
  13. Rubicon owners . Dash display

    My JLUR Recon displays Wrangler on the dash when the ignition is turned on. I have seen some that say Rubicon. What does yours say? Should it say Rubicon? Is there a setting for this?
  14. Mopar Lift Kit on Stock 2020 JLUR

    How was the ride quality on the street? Friends of mine have used the Mopar 2” lift on JLURs and have told me it completely ruined the ride quality.
  15. Mopar bolt on grab handles

    Do you find these more useful than the handle at the A pillar?
  16. OEM all weather Mopar floor mats

    I had head complaints about these mats after I ordered them. Watched a YouTube about how they don’t seal, etc. So I never installed them because I didn’t want water getting in from underneath as some have said. I was about to resell them and order WeatherTech. I am going wheeling this week and...
  17. What is this?

    So, I am installing cowl lights and when I removed the panel to run the wiring I found this connector. Any idea what it might be for? 2020 JLUR Recon.
  18. Mopar all weather floor mats (would you buy again)

    I just picked up my Mopar floor mats. Red letters. Which is OK because I have a Recon with red belts and stitching. But I am disappointed with them. They feel like a thin hard slippery plastic and they do not seem to have very high edges or ridges. By comparison, my friend has a 2020 Grand...
  19. 2020 Recon break in tune from the factory?

    I apologize. The mute button DOES only mute the radio. Nav voice still works. . You can’t turn the radio off. Just mute it. Thank you.
  20. 2020 Recon break in tune from the factory?

    The mute button mutes everything. Including phone and Nav. Apparently the media app is running all the time. So says the dealer.... ???