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  1. Guess I should have ordered a Ford Bronco!

    To me, it looks like you would be pouring out your beverage opening it. From that picture, you would be lifting the bottom of the bottle up to pop the cap.
  2. When do you REFUEL?

    Around town, I will let it get to a quarter tank. When travelling or especially, when touring the west, I will be looking for gas when I get to a half tank.
  3. Metal machining debris in axle housing

    Closing the loop on this. I dropped the Jeep off on 3/8 at a dealer who said that they could look at it next day. Well, it took them a week to even pull it in the shop, but that's another story. I was notified today it was ready and picked it up. The dealer says they popped the cover off, pulled...
  4. Grand Wagoneer and Wagoneer

    Jeep wants to compete with more premium brands. However, until they get build quality up, and more importantly, the service departments more customer focused, I would have to steer the people I know that would buy something in this category to another brand. If you want to play in the luxury...
  5. How long is average time to wait for a dealer to look at the vehicle

    Dealing with that now. Took it to a dealer much farther away because they said they could look at it in 1-2 days. 5 days later, and still waiting for them to even look at it. Don't like being lied to about it.
  6. How long is average time to wait for a dealer to look at the vehicle

    I used to work at a dealership in the mid '90s (I know I am old) and we rarely had a customer wait more than a day to have their vehicle at least looked at by a technician. It might be there longer for the repair, but it was at least inspected within a day. Times seem to have changed and now it...
  7. Battery Maintaining with 3.6 eTorque

    I have the 2.0 with eTorque. Same 48V battery system. Smaller motor/generator/starter.
  8. Battery Maintaining with 3.6 eTorque

    I use a NOCO Genius 5 on mine. I connect directly to the positive and negative terminals. In fact I use the optional NOCO terminal ends that I leave connected to the battery and then just connect the charger to those.
  9. Metal machining debris in axle housing

    So I guess Dana has quality issues then. I am just surprised that anyone would call the amount and size of metal clippings in the differential housing normal.
  10. Metal machining debris in axle housing

    Maybe it is for a Jeep. As a former Ford technician, I changed oil in many axles for the first time and never saw anything like this. Is Jeep's manufacturing quality really that low that they do not clean the metal clippings from manufacturing before assembling an axle?
  11. Metal machining debris in axle housing

    I know for a fact that metal of that size and volume is not normal. It's enough in volume and size that not all of it is stuck to the magnet as I could feel more of it inside the housing through the drain hole. The magnet is there to collect the fine, powder like, wear metal from the gears. This...
  12. Metal machining debris in axle housing

    Called the dealer this morning to see about getting this looked at. Was told that if it wasn't making noise, they may not do anything about it. Really? Big metal chips floating around in the differential getting in the gears, the e-locker, and bearings, and if it doesn't make noise, you won't do...
  13. Metal machining debris in axle housing

    I changed the gear oil in the axles today in my '20 JLUR Recon with almost exactly 7K on the odometer. I wanted to change it now to get any break-in metal cleared out and then should be good for a while. The back one was a little dirty, but nothing special and went smoothly. The front, however...
  14. Transmission Adaptive Learning Reset

    I have not. I asked the dealer to look into it when I had it in for steering TSB. The service writer blew it off as normal and did not even have the tech look at it. I plan to mention it again when I go for an oil change again since nothing was noted anywhere about my initial concern.
  15. Jeeps in Snow... post pics.

    We had 8 inches of snow total from two back to back storms this past week. Places in the south don't know what to do with that much snow.
  16. Shock Guy questions

    I saw a review of Fox 2.0IFP shocks and the reviewer mentioned they didn't ride well when cold, but he drove on them a little while and they got better as some heat built up. He also said that a few days later when the weather was warmer, they rode very well. Makes me wonder if the oil used in...
  17. Gladiator Wheel fit?

    Those are very similar to what is on my '20 Rubi Recon JLU.
  18. Jeep gurus help.....why are there two different center consoles on 2021 models?

    I wouldn't be surprised at all if they made a floorpan change to accommodate something for the 4xe or the 392. Rather than make two floorpans, they decided to use the new one for all jeeps made after a certain date and made a few small interior adjustments across the line.
  19. Walked away from a totaled Rubicon

    That was quite a wreck! Amazing that the Rubicon didn't roll. Glad your came out of relatively unscathed.
  20. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    Had mine done this week at a local dealer. They did the newest TSB 08-003-21 for the steering. They used the new cast iron part. I cross checked the number with the TSB. They also used the new bolts and appear to have topped the fluid and have done the software update. I say they must have done...