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  1. Rubicon owners . Dash display

    Hopefully not all at the same time. :fingerscrossed: My ‘21 displays “Rubicon”.
  2. Giveaway & Promo: Hothead Headliner and Sound Assassin For JL / JLU!

    Would love this for my JLUR, but not on FB (and never will be). So I hope it’s 1.) or 2.) or 3.) and not 1.) and 2.) and 3.).:fingerscrossed:
  3. Factory ran out of black paint?

    Yeah should be. We hope Jeep didn’t miss that too. Usually 2 coats, ecoat and primer coat, beneath the color and clear coats. *edit: above statement Is not a confirmation of Jeep’s paint process, just my experience with other OEMs.
  4. Factory ran out of black paint?

    In general the interior of autos today don’t get painted (cost down). The black paint you see near the jack/tool storage area is the over spray from paining the outer part of the body below the tailgate. The inner floor area that is grey is probably the ecoat that the entire body gets dipped in.

    With their current financial condition the USPS just might take you up on that offer. :LOL:
  6. Mopar all weather floor mats (would you buy again)

    Yeah, that wasn’t a criteria factor for me. I would rather have water (the possible small amount) from rain/snow sit on top of mat vs. possibly leak onto carpet from unseated plug. And I’m ok with removing them from Jeep to clean. Floor mat and carpet will more than likely be removed if I’m...
  7. Mopar all weather floor mats (would you buy again)

    So far so good, but only 300 miles on them so not so much use on them yet.. lol..
  8. Issue installing Mopar Performance Rock Rails

    Glad it worked out for you. I agree that maybe they are suspect on accuracy, but for me the cost savings was worth the small “tweak”. Also agree that they are questionable if serious protection is desired. Maybe ok once mounted to Jeep. For now they serve my main purpose with daily driving...
  9. Issue installing Mopar Performance Rock Rails

    Sorry I don’t have any pics, but I installed 2 weeks ago and ran into (2) issues. And I also ordered from BAM. 1st was similar to yours, but was on driver side. Middle bracket at floor mount was bent up, caused “rocking” between front & rear bracket. I attached short pice of 2x4 to middle...
  10. Recommended Dealers List

    Oh yeah, got it 3 weeks ago. 30 days from order to dealer.. Wow that was quick turn around, I guess mine was basic enough to get pushed through so easily. Dealer has been great and delivered as agreed. And the Jeep is perfect (no issue so far), absolutely love it ! :jk: If you are still...
  11. Now I’m worried

    Yes we can ! ... I’m one of those guys. I have followed JL since introduction while also “stalking” this forum in order to fully educate myself on what to expect. Guess I figured I needed some new friends since I might get to know my Jeep service adviser on a first name basis.. :LOL:.. More...
  12. Mopar all weather floor mats (would you buy again)

    I got the regular. I thought I read the new ones were different material, and had the little anti skid “teeth” on the bottom. They were a little more expensive too.
  13. Mopar all weather floor mats (would you buy again)

    Went back and forth on this as well... Liked Mopar price, but ended up getting WeatherTech due to the sides seemed to be a little higher (ie near accelerator and rear mats around center console) and I liked the pattern better. Just installed then last night. Fit seems really good. Happy with...
  14. You know your wife is cool when she....

    Tells you to “just go order it already, because life is too short”, after you get cold feet on buying a Jeep even after getting the price you want from the dealer.
  15. ATP (American Trail Product) Rock Rail Side Step

    Yeah those are definitely nice, and see a lot of good reviews on them. Further mod for sure. Thanks for the feedback. It looks like ATP has great products, I’m just leery of the Rock Rail Steps because I can’t find any reviews, but I do like the looks of them.
  16. Quadratec Brute Strength Side Steps.

    Yeah I’m thinking so too (like +42%)
  17. ATP (American Trail Product) Rock Rail Side Step

    Hello All. Does anyone have any experience with ATP products, especially their JL Rock Rail Side Step ? These “check all the boxes” for me but I can not find any reviews anywhere on the Forum or internet even. I have also tried to get additional pics from ATP to see construction but have been...
  18. Recommended Dealers List

    Unbelievable :mad: and sorry to hear that. It is amazing how inconsistent dealers/sales people can be. Darius has been good about keeping in contact when I first requested quote and then thru ordering. Now I hope it’s not all “smoke & mirrors” and my deal falls thru at delivery (although I have...
  19. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    Oh no plans to cancel and I will not “snub” you. Won’t even snub the “high and mighty” ones, I’ll just shake their hand and say “nice to meet you, please step aside so I can meet someone willing to accept and teach me how to off-road”! Well I guess that might be considered a “snub” ... :LOL:
  20. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    Ok, so let me get this straight... 1.) New Forum member = :movember: 2.) 1st time Jeep owner = :movember: 3.) 1st Jeep = inexperience = :movember: 4.) 1st Jeep trim Rubi = :movember: 5.) 2.0L Turbo w/ Auto = :movember: 6.) 2” Lift plans =:movember: 7.) 35” tire plans = :movember: 8.) Keeping...