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  1. Gas mileage when lifted with 35s?

    Hahaha... no. I bought a Wrangler and the mileage sucks take it back. You signed a purchase contract. There is nothing wrong with the Jeep it's a brick on a brick. Deal with it or sell it
  2. Lowered gas mileage

    If you buy a Jeep, lift it and throw heavy 37" tires on it, you shouldn't complain about gas mileage. Extra height, aerodynamics of a brick and adding a bunch of rotational weight is going to tank your mileage. It's going to suck there is no fix.
  3. JL Trektop

    Looks so much better than the lumpy uneven factory soft top.
  4. Do you worry about D Ring bolts vibrating out?

    I had mine on my JK front bumper for years and never had a problem. I did buy the cheap Daystar bumper/isolator things that slide on to prevent the banging
  5. JL LJ

    I really think they would sell more 2 doors if they made them with 3" more rear legroom and 8-10 more inches of cargo space.
  6. Bikini Color revealed on Jeep Wrangler Celebrity Customs!?

    That is horrible. Keep the mojito...
  7. Are LED headlights worth $900?

    x2... My advice is to go to the biggest Jeep dealer near you that has both LED equipped JLs and standard ones. Go at night. Drive therm and make a decision based off fact not the opinion of biased people. Make your own decision. The internet is full of "experts" who will tell you whatever they...
  8. Turns out the JL is heavier and just as thirsty/slow as the JK

    I think it's funny that if you go to the fuelly website the 2.0T JLs are getting horrible mileage on premium gas.
  9. Rubicon JL Wheels made in China?

    Check the tags on most American "Levis" nowadays. China.
  10. Rubicon JL Wheels made in China?

    This won't ever change. The USA will never be a manufacturing leader anymore with the overseas competition. Our unions and wages have made it impossible to match the prices of imported products. Plus a lack of people wanting to do the jobs. China has billions of people who have socialized...
  11. Rubicon JL Wheels made in China?

    Yup, that's where the JK stock rims were made too.
  12. Selling because of the crap steering. Good-bye Jeep

    No it doesn't "just happen". I've bought 15 brand new cars in my lifetime and the only ones I've had major problems with are the Jeep/Dodge family. I've owned Pontiac, Hyundai, Honda, Mazda, Ford, Nissan, Jeep, Dodge and VW. My biggest problems came with first year models. My 2007 Wrangler had...
  13. Saw this at dealership today.. you got to be kidding...

    A few months ago I saw a Billet Silver JL and the freedom panels were painted silver but the rear part of the top was black. He got it from the dealer lot like that. But at least they matched the body color. Maybe they have a really short person doing the final checks...
  14. Lowering my Jeep (2018 Rubicon) It was made for the JK...
  15. 2019 Jeep Colors revealed, including New BIKINI color

    They didn't it's still there 5:03 in the video.
  16. 2019 Jeep Colors revealed, including New BIKINI color

    Terrible! Bring the Hydro Blue back! Add the olive green!
  17. Rear seat covers for under child seats

    Catches all the stuff and you can hose it off
  18. Milestar tires

    Again, if a couple YouTube videos can sell you on a product good luck! I was in the Army for 20 years and spent many hours in the motorpool working on our HMMWVs and heavy armored trucks. They rolled on Goodyear MT/R tires and I've had the pleasure of taking apart split rims and seeing the...
  19. Milestar tires

    I'm sure "Lite Brite" is very much an expert on off road tires since her "background" is in drifting a Nissan. I use proven performance and look at the Jeeps in a particular group that come off a trail to formulate my opinion.