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  1. Arkansas JL OEM Halogen Headlights

    Asking $175 shipped. Pair is in great condition.
  2. Mopar LED Flicker And Failure

    Yup that was it I’m an idiot thank you!
  3. Mopar LED Flicker And Failure

    Installed Mopar LED Headlights on the Sport S today. The headlights will work for a minute after starting the Jeep...then the passenger light will flicker and eventually fail. I have A-pillar lights, rear lights, and a 20 and 10” bumper light bar. Any suggestions on what could be causing this?
  4. Omaha Nebraska area

    Clean Jeep! Welcome to the forums
  5. Omaha Nebraska area

    Where can I find the Jeep meets in Omaha??
  6. WTB: JLU Sport stock tires

    If you cant find any local let me know
  7. Jeeps in Snow... post pics.

    Probably the only hill in NE
  8. '18 JL Sport and Mopar LED upgrade

    Yikes I wouldnt be waiting that long Im not that patient. If you sell your Mopar LEDs I call dibs! Finally heard back from Titan Offroad and they said they would ship today or tomorrow. If that doesn't happen I will be getting my money back.
  9. '18 JL Sport and Mopar LED upgrade

    Man that's discouraging. Have you had any contact with Titan Offroad since your order and/or did you get your money back? How much did you get the OEM LEDs for? This is frustrating.
  10. '18 JL Sport and Mopar LED upgrade

    They look great! Waiting on mine to arrive. Ordered them 10 days ago. How long did it take for you to get yours? Thanks!
  11. '18 JL Sport and Mopar LED upgrade

    I ordered these 2/8/19 and have yet to receive them or tracking info. They were very responsive with answering my questions prior to buying but have not replied to any emails requesting the status of my order. There also is no number available on the website to call. Luckily I paid through...
  12. TRADE - Have gray dash panels want red.

    I will trade my grey for your red if you want.
  13. Sunrider for Hardtop (Twill)

    I will do $550 shipped to 68007. Let's make it happen
  14. Sunrider twill for trade

  15. Sunrider for Hardtop (Twill)

    PM Sent