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  1. Jk to jl/jt front bumper bracket

    Nice. Yeah I'm not much on approach angles either it dosent really bother me if it sticks out another 2 inches. Thanks for the omput
  2. Freedom panels sticker bomb

    If you mod your jeep only to what other people will want. That's pretty boring. If I cant personalize my jeep to the way I want what is the point in doing anything at all then. I understand your point on the next owner not liking it and either having to buy new panels or somehow take them off...
  3. Freedom panels sticker bomb

    I was thinking of a clearcoat of some sort but I am not sure how it will act with the stickers. a clear vinyl sounds like it will hold up a little better potentially Sounds like a problem for either the next buyer or the dealership when I bring it in. What do you do when you want to sell, can...
  4. Freedom panels sticker bomb

    Oh yeah. I'm not done yet. Waiting on more stickers.
  5. Freedom panels sticker bomb

    So I have been in the process of sticker bombing my freedom panels. Random stickers from amazon and other stickers from work or places that the wife and I travel too. Wondering if anyone has sticker bombed anything on there jeep and what to do to keep them from peeling up once I've finished. I...
  6. Jk to jl/jt front bumper bracket

    I would like to put a stinger style bumper on my jl. But really the only ones I have found that I like are only for the jk.
  7. Jk to jl/jt front bumper bracket

    Wondering if any one has any experience with this bracket you can put onto your jl and be able to use a jl style bumper. Think it would loose structure integrity because it's now not attached directly to the jeep or possibly would only a select few jk bumpers fit afterwards Thoughts...
  8. Anyone regret choosing black paint?

    I'm definitely on the fence about having a black jeep. Though it dirties up good. And it does wash up good. The swirl scratches I have to look at or trail runs. Even with claying and waxing the still seem to stick around. Pfa
  9. So many problems.

    I have always bought used and not had many problems with them. In the sense of the jeep I own now. Buying a used off road capable go anywhere and beat it up vehicle such as a jeep. I now realize after having it for a year that alot if the stuff that I've driven it through or how I've treated it...
  10. So many problems.

    Jesus 10 weeks is brutal. But now that I look at it the 3 times now that my jl has gone into the shop has be equal to about 9 or 10 weeks.
  11. So many problems.

    What are the problems you are having. And what is your jeep. Its crappy that I would say about 9/10 new jeep owners dont seem to be having some of these problems with the jl. It must be a bad batch or something
  12. So many problems.

    Yes it's a 3.6 manual. There is a tick coming from somewhere on the serpentine belt. But the knock is coming internally. I've already had it in to the dealer to do the rocker rollers and camshaft. The privious owner had installed the 2 inch mopar lift with 33s and the magnaflow exhaust. Other...
  13. So many problems.

    Every time the service auto start stop comes up and gives me a warning light. It either kicks me put of cruise control or it wont allow me to initiate cruise control. So weather it's not directly related to it. It does still effect it
  14. So many problems.

    It's sad being that I have always wanted to own a jeep since I was knee high to a grasshopper. And this being my first jeep the ammount of problems or on going problems. I'm not sure if I just got a lemon and there are going to be constant problems with my jl in particular. Or if these are...
  15. So many problems.

    This was one of the first things I checked when I started to have the problem. I will probably go with what texgoat had mentioned and replace both of the batteries in this sense. I will definitely have a look at the welds. As I stated I have gone under and any bolt i could get a socket on i...
  16. So many problems.

    I never thought to replace the control arm bushings. It would make sence if that is causing a possible axle roll when taking off from start. The exhaust system is sound and nothing is touching anything else. I am dumbfounded on how many issues I am have been having with a fairly new vehicle...
  17. So many problems.

    So I dont know where to put this. Its definitely a help post but i have no idea what to do with my jeep. I bought my 2018 jl last year Marchwith 21k km and since about 2 or 3 months after more and more stuff continues to happen. 1. I brought it to the dealership for an engine knock. They...
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    There is some sort of just noticible golf ball texturing but the are not warped from what I can see. But it's not noticible in this angle
  19. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Rinsed her off. Not ready yet for a full end of winter wipe down wash since the snow is still melting and there is plenty of road grime to come. It was getting pretty thick though.