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  1. Hydro assist for the JL is here!

    Still doing great guys
  2. Britney on Netflix

    During practice the day before filming Brittany hit a shipping container and was almost completely taken out of the show. Luckily I fixed it and she went out and killed it!! No Theron never showed up sadly
  3. Britney on Netflix

    Fortunately for us you are 100% wrong on everything you just said. Our numbers are growing faster then ever. Our support is higher then ever. Netflix has opened many more doors and we’re having the time of our life.
  4. Britney on Netflix

    Absolutely correct. We gave the facts and only the facts. Nothing else needed to be done or said. We wanted to make 100% sure we weren’t giving out bad info and spent hundreds of hours and months of trying before releasing any information on the TURBO kit. It wouldn’t be fair to anyone to do...
  5. Britney on Netflix

    No worries. Thanks everyone! The Netflix show was a blast. Today we start our 9 month trip around the country living out of the stepchild. Lots of craziness to follow I’m sure
  6. Britney on Netflix

    What he said wasn’t criticizing. It was just hateful. I’ll take criticism all day. Telling someone they have no class isn’t hating on someone or being rude. It’s a basic observation based on their actions. I’m not putting anyone down. There’s no reason to be hateful here. We aren’t doing...
  7. Britney on Netflix

    She sure can drive!! I taught her to drift and she picked it up and ran with it
  8. Britney on Netflix

    What In sams hell have we ever done to you to wish my wife falls off a bridge? What in the hell is wrong with you. Good god some people have no class at all.
  9. Allstate Insurance- Offroad/Mod Coverage

    They are definitely great people who will take care of you
  10. Greatest JL video to date?

    It’s my wife dude but thanks ;)
  11. Well, we blew up our JL

    We totally hope you can visit some of the beautiful places we go and your daughter is awesome. Being that she got us on the BIG screen. Much better than the phone for sure.
  12. Well, we blew up our JL

    Wow that was super thoughtful and amazing. Pm us for some LiteBrite merch.
  13. Well, we blew up our JL

    Thanks for understanding and yes we think it’s awesome to show and highlight shops all over the country. Many people don’t even know that there are these awesome places in their back yard. We will continue to do this as we travel.
  14. Well, we blew up our JL

    I think we have shown how capable the stock or close to stock rig is. We’ve done harder trails that maybe shouldn’t have attempted. We can only go so far and modding and doing harder trails is just the evolution in it
  15. Well, we blew up our JL

    I hear you 100% but to be fair I was being told it was an install issue or a bad part or something so I was trying to chase that down. I didn’t feel it was a good idea to start with there being issues if it was my fault or a faulty part but after visiting multiple shops and tuners we were...
  16. Well, we blew up our JL

    thank you so much!! You sir get a feee T-shirt or hat or hoodie. Whatever you want. Please PM me so we can get you a free item. You get it 1000%
  17. Well, we blew up our JL

    WOWZA!!! Omg thank you so much!! You sir get a feee T-shirt or hat or hoodie. Whatever you want. Please PM me so we can get you a free item. You get it 1000%
  18. Well, we blew up our JL

    Not at all. We always tell the companies that we will always be truthful about the products. If they pull back and don’t agree I think that is also something that should be mentioned but I can happily say that nobody has yet to do that and for the most part we have had great luck. If you...