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  1. Cover for when the Jeep is in the garage?

    is the garage not enough cover? Wife parks her one touch outside.
  2. 3.6 engine and 87 octane a no-no

    I occasionally run non-ethanol, and that beats em all. Honestly, before you worry about octane (and you should not), worry about this. Oh, I get better mpg too, suspect the engine runs cooler by about 6 degrees too.
  3. Am I Crazy to want to keep Stock Wheels?

    I will still wave regardless.
  4. Locker Position Sensor Potting - DANA 44

    I don't like my hand position with a dremel, for me, this was either hand or press, and my press is miles away. One could fashion a stop out of some 1x block, but then your going by feel and we like to watch our disasters.... I prefer electronics cleaner. never fooled with MAF. Never had issue...
  5. Need Input: Sudden Oil Leak - top of engine

    With those plastic threads and that cap, if your not using a torque wrench, your blind. Those threads can grip and you can over do it or under do it easily. Noticed I used second person. Substitute third if a dealer is putting 6 in.
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Yaesu FTM-300D GMRS is going to HT only in this jeep. Will mount kxt400 in wife's. American Adventure Lab rear shelf. These people know how to pack their shit so it's not damaged in shipping-seriously, they went crazy with saran, pipe insulation, etc. Big F'in thumbs up for care and...
  7. '20 JLUR (manual) Gray for TX/CO use

    Still loving the shocks, got the fronts in the box from accutune, but plan on a new steering box before putting them in the way. I added a satin finish American Adventure Lab cargo shelf. Loving it. Very well packed, double saran wrapped each piece with pipe insulation to protect the ends from...
  8. Brand New Jeep: is the rear end supposed to sit higher than the front?

    OH, and the engine don't go vroom. that is the 392, yours is more just mmmmmm. You could always add an aux button for a vroom sound when your running electric. Now that would be funny.
  9. Brand New Jeep: is the rear end supposed to sit higher than the front?

    I have a benz diesel sedan that has torque slightly better, but it's a heavy ass car. I can imagine it's quite a freakin blast in a jeep. I am interested in your thoughts as a driver after a couple months of it/couple thousand miles. And if you notice any behavior issues in Maryland weather.
  10. Brand New Jeep: is the rear end supposed to sit higher than the front?

    Nice-curious to your opinions in a few months as you came from gas.....
  11. Brand New Jeep: is the rear end supposed to sit higher than the front?

    Is this a new jeep, cause your not new to forum...if so, what you get and congrats!
  12. Brand New Jeep: is the rear end supposed to sit higher than the front?

    wait till you put a bumper winch on the front, hence why so many 1/2" spacer kits are sold. Shocks don't adjust for hight, it's not a lowrider.
  13. First Wrangler Wash - PITA

    I don't use carwashes either, they are expensive, and I have antennae on both jeeps. I have a power washer, my wife and my two kids.
  14. Nosey neighbor..

    I completely understand.
  15. Nosey neighbor..

    The neighbor, if old enough to own/buy a house, can probably cogitate bra size. Now, if your rig is all custom, and her bra size is the same.....well, that is pretty forward. Your days are numbered. He wants your jeep and gal.
  16. Locker Position Sensor Potting - DANA 44

    Great description, the bit does want to thread through when you finally break the other side of the plastic.
  17. software update kills battery

    2 jeeps, no issues w updates. But we don't park them under roofs with thermal/radiant barriers either. I assume this update is done via radio flash....and not on my internet node.
  18. Permits / Passes Required?

    We spend a ton of time around Lake City/Gunnison/and over to that area chasing fish. I have never seen anything in that part of colorado that requires a pass. Now, I have seen plenty of 2wd and cars with zero clearance on stuff like Cinnamon Pass-ppl look at em funny. Here in Texas we has an...
  19. Stock Jeep Support Group

    We have two JLUR, wife's will stay stock. Ive added a set of Fox 2.5 remotes on mine at stock height, gained some (not axle). Going to stay w stock tires.... like how they drive on and off right now.