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  1. Most obvious differences- JK to JL

    Since owning my new JL I now take much more notice of any Jeep I see whether it be meeting one on the hi way or seeing one drive past as I'm walking. At first I was unable to tell one from another at first glance, I realize there are many differences, just wondering what others see as the...
  2. Anyone install the Rock Slide Engineering drop down steps?

    My experience was very similar to BobK's. I took 2 days as well, 1 for the mounting and 1 for the wiring. I only required help for a few minutes when lifting the assemblies into place the rest I did alone. In all probably 4 hours. As I recall I only hurt myself once and I think I only took the...
  3. Anyone had "death wobble" while being towed?

    My new JL has never death wobbled but it does get my attention from time to time. Mopar lift with 35's. We plan to flat tow it behind our pusher moho. Just curious how bad it might get if it ever went into severe wobble behind the bus?
  4. ACE JL Stand Alone Tire Carrier Prototype - Spy Shot

    Fuck man......if you don't like it buy someone else's tire carrier! Obviously ACE is not going to change it for just you!!!
  5. ACE JL Stand Alone Tire Carrier Prototype - Spy Shot

    HAHA!! Sometimes you just need to cut your losses. I'll about guarantee traviswalker is an engineer, maybe he can design and build his own perfect spare tire carrier!!!
  6. Running boards What is the consensus ?

    Planning to install my Rockslider Power boards later this afternoon......will report back later!
  7. Smittybilt XRC

    Soon as my numbers hit!!!
  8. Bumpers that accommodate LED fogs?

    Just installed a Smittybilt XRC, The stock LED fogs and the wire harness fit right in.
  9. gas mileage 65 vs 70

    Gawdam that must been a long hill!!!
  10. Smittybilt XRC

    Put it on last nite! Was about a half hour to remove the stocker, as said on here before kind of a pain to get the wire harness off. I did all of it by myself on my lift, as I said there were no instructions that came with it. It weighs 115 lbs and my biggest worry was that it would fall off the...
  11. Smittybilt XRC

    My weekend didn't turn out as hoped.....bumper still sitting on shop floor! maybe tonite.
  12. Smittybilt XRC

    Both Extreme and Quadratec only have vids and info for the JK, hopefully when I tackle this thing tomorrow it kind of explains itself.
  13. Smittybilt XRC

    Just picked up my new bumper, there are a ton of little parts and bolts and such. Unfortunately there isnt a manual or even a piece of paper with instructions and so far havent been able to find a youtube video that might help. Is the install SO SIMPLE it doesnt need instructions? I think I can...
  14. Flat towing?

    Do the miles show on the odometer when towing?
  15. Steering wheel wobble?

    Mine is the same.....just picked it up a week ago only has 600 miles on it, I put the Mopar 2" lift on it before I ever drove it, still waiting on my 20's and 35's. It shakes the wheel when going over bumps at hi way speed. I attributed it to the lift and maybe they made a mistake when they did...