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  1. Question on gears with 35"'s on always keeping/getting to use 8th gear in any situation on or offroad

    I have about 62k miles or so to go when I will make a choice upgrade to 37"'s and go to 5.13 gearing to make sure I have 8th gear at all times. Or stay with my 35"'s and gear for them so I have 8th gear back at all times. Am Curious what gears should I go with so I have 8th gear in any driving...
  2. Everyone hates me......

    Well a lot of times most just gave up on waving to stock Jeeps, then you have the pandemic purchasers who got their jeeps for 27-41k from a 2 door sport up to a Rubicon Unlimited. They have no idea about the wave. Then you have the more business class of people who buy it because its not as...
  3. Which model should I buy- Rubicon or?

    When it comes to value the Rubicon and the Sport/Sport Unlimited hold their value the best. If you are not going to do much to it get the Rubicon. If you know you are going to swap out everything and only have the hood, its decals, the side lettering, and your interior left I would strongly...
  4. Any regrets getting a Bikini colored Wrangler?

    Yes and no, the mermaid themes I'm going :o. First time I have gone with a loud color, I really wanted Pumpkin Orange but that was not available for a base sport for 2020. I did not want any extra electronics. I love the Bikini Pearl in the sun. I do wish I got a Sting Gray at times when I see...
  5. Does anybody have any regrets for NOT getting a Diesel?

    I would had loved the Diesel, but it was not an option for the base sport unlimited when I bought my JLU back in April. The other thing in seven months I have only driven like 2.3k creeping to 2.5k miles. I do not drive enough to have a Diesel it would eventually become a maintenance nightmare.
  6. Decimus Felix

    Decimus Felix

  7. The growing of Decimus Felix my first Jeep since the old Willys WWII Crate Jeep we had on the farm growing up.

    Well its been fun so far got my 2020 2.0T "wish I had eTorque like our 2018 JLU" Jeep Wrangler Sport Unlimited in April for only 31k with a freedom top. Am not done yet close to the finish line but a ways to go a slow process from mid April 2020 to last week in October 2020. I know some will...
  8. 2.0T eTorque vs Non eTorque? - anyone driven both?

    I have driven both 2.0T's with/without eTorque and we have both. The 2.0T with eTorque gets better gas mileage with bigger tires/wheels/lift and the initial acceleration it moves a lot easier vs our none eTorque 2020 Jeep 2.0T with bigger tires/wheels/lift. Have a 2020 JLU Sport and a 2018 JLU...
  9. Well got my own first Jeep and its our second

    Yeah just as I saw that post, I was reading saw it was a different engine. Been up for almost 30 hours, my reading comprehension and attention to detail is going out the window.
  10. Well got my own first Jeep and its our second

    Ahhh ok, thank you much, just saw the 4cyl turbo, then looked at the jeep site and went oh no.
  11. Well got my own first Jeep and its our second

    Well we already had a Jeep, enjoyed wrenching my wife's and going Jeeping with her so much I got one last month. Being tired guess I was wrong different engine haha.