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  1. Amplifier mounting in Rear Storage Bin

    I’m wanting to do pretty much the same thing but I’m a little foggy as to exactly how you routed them. Did you run them inside the vehicle up the sides and pass them outside the vehicle by the tail lights to then come into the storage pan?
  2. Missouri Wanted Alpine T Harness and Main Harness from pss 23wra

    No dice. Haven’t been able to find anywhere.
  3. 2020 JL Sport S Budget Build

    Keep those pics coming! We have almost identical wranglers and its great to see what stuff will look like on my Jeep before I purchase. I was already planning on the rock rails, and Sahara wheels, but I may have to add that bumper to my list. Looks sharp.
  4. JBL club 3 1/2

    How do these sound vs the Infinity 3032 and the JL C2 350x? I heard the Infinity’s are bright and JL’s are smooth. Looking for something in between. Thanks in advance!
  5. Will high pass 100 hz crossover ease load on amp?

    I’m wanting to improve my basic stereo as cheaply as possible. What I want to do is install 3.5 Infinity reference in dash, install 100hz crossovers on all channels and add a sub (tapping for sub loc before crossovers). The head unit will still have to produce the bass frequencies, but will not...
  6. I think I’m missing something. OEM stereo upgrade.

    Is it maybe that the KTP 445u is different than a normal amp? Is it just boosting the signal from head unit so maybe the head unit can still sense the speaker load even with amp in the chain.
  7. I think I’m missing something. OEM stereo upgrade.

    But I guess I need to know how. Everything I’ve read says either you need load resistors, or you need a device like the amppro or fix 86. Other than the plug and play adapters why does this seemingly ordinary t harness work? It seems no different than a more user friendly way of tapping the...
  8. I think I’m missing something. OEM stereo upgrade.

    I’ve been Reading everything in here about adding an aftermarket amp. The load resistors, the pac AmpPRO, fix 86 etc., but I’m still not sure I 100% get it. Why does the alpine t harness that comes with the pss 23wra work with the alpine KT amp? The harness doesn’t have any load resistors in it...
  9. Missouri Wanted Alpine T Harness and Main Harness from pss 23wra

    PAC parts doesn’t sell these anymore!
  10. Windshield wiper housing has sun damage

    I’m having a similar issue with only that one part having sun damage. I was thinking maybe heat venting from the engine could be increasing the wear.