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  1. Washington Premium Soft Top

    4 door. Black. I see you are in Charlotte. I'm moving to Raleigh this weekend so could bring it to Raleigh with me.
  2. Washington Premium Soft Top

    Have premium soft top from 2018 JL. Never used but no longer have the large box it came in. All other parts are still in their smaller boxes. No longer have the Jeep so any reasonable offer will be accepted. Located in 98087.
  3. Washington WTB: JLU Premium Twill Soft Top [PNW]

    I have a premium soft top from a 2018 Wrangler JL. Never put on the Jeep; however, I no longer have the large box it came with. All other parts are in boxes. Make an offer. Any reasonable offer will be accepted as I no longer have the Jeep. I'm in Lynnwood.
  4. Tuffy security deck for JL Wrangler

    The version that works with the Alpine sub can be ordered over the phone for a ship date between Sept 10th and 17th. The SKU is 351-01. Price is $425.
  5. Any Raleigh NC or nearby garage/mehanics/Jeep Specialists

    I used Piedmont Performance to install my ACE sliders. I didn't want to risk breaking a bolt off even though the risk was minimal. Highly recommend.
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Hard top off. Doors off. Carolina Metal Master mirrors installed. Ace sliders should be here today and will probably throw my JTops sunshade on then put the soft top on.
  7. Anyone else getting headlight flashes while yours are on? (possibly LED only thing)

    Got multiple flashes in a 10 mile trip tonight. Think I'll adjust them down a little tomorrow.
  8. How Can We Help?

    Thanks. Order placed.
  9. How Can We Help?

    Looking to pick up: and Are both in stock for shipping and any codes to offset shipping? Thanks
  10. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    Picked it up today.
  11. HELLA YELLA Wrangler JL Club

    Saw the yellow in person this morning. Looks more yellow than a lot of the pictures I've seen previously.
  12. Weathertech Floor Liners

    Had never heard of Maxliner before this thread. Ordered a set for $130 shipped. I'll add them to my pile of accessories waiting on their Jeep.
  13. What's taking so long for JL aftermarket parts?

    They are waiting for our money to fund the manufacturing. Seems like anything I order I get charged for right away and then wait 1-2 months for the item.
  14. The SHAPE of the Future is Here!!!

    After a few phone calls UPS was able to find it and it's now in my possession. Just need a Jeep to put it on.
  15. Sun shade for JL Wrangler

    Got my Titanium. One month from order to delivery. UPS originally delivered to the wrong location but was able to get it back and deliver it. Now I need my Jeep to show up.
  16. ACE 4th of July Sale! 13% Off + FREE SHIPPING!

    Ordered the 4 door sliders. Thanks.
  17. The SHAPE of the Future is Here!!!

    After waiting a month to get my @JTopsUSA shade, UPS delivered it to the wrong address and is trying to track it down. Hopefully they find it so I don't have to wait another month.
  18. Sun shade for JL Wrangler

    Shipped today.