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  1. Arizona owners - please check in!

    Hey Folks, New to AZ (Phoenix), moved here from VA. I have done a couple of easy (green) trails and a 101 class at Rausch Creek Offroad park in PA. Hope to find a few groups to join for exploring trails in AZ. Please let me know if you know any easy group rides coming up soon.
  2. Virginia Free : 2018 Jeep JLU Sports front plastic bumper.

    It has a small dent on the passenger side. No fog ligts/harness. Plastic clips and screws are included. Please let me know if someone is interested in taking it. No shipping. Pickup in Richmond, VA
  3. Major steering issue problem with JL Wrangler. Please watch

    Looks like the issue was fixed with TSB update. Why wouldn't this update be applied to all Jeeps, why wait for an incident to happen
  4. Major steering issue problem with JL Wrangler. Please watch

    Taking Jeep to dealer today to get it checked. Hopefully they fix it in 1 attempt
  5. Major steering issue problem with JL Wrangler. Please watch

    Yes, the temperature was below 45. The steering felt like someone is holding it and I have to apply force to turn it and it kind of feels like it clicked and unlocked. Had the jeep since Feb 2018, so it has seen winter weather already last year, but did not face this problem then. It started...
  6. Major steering issue problem with JL Wrangler. Please watch

    I had my near accident experience yesterday on highway. I was going 63 with cruise on and the steering wheel locked up. It was hell scary experience. Although I could move the steering with a little force, but I was not expecting that to happen. I have driven on the same route for last 1.5 years...
  7. Sport Hood Mounted Vehicle Specific Solar System™ - Jeep JL & Gladiator

    Yeah, for hard top it would be higher power
  8. Air Compressors?

    I just went with Viair 88P.
  9. Haloring question

    A very raw idea: Buy an automotive waterproof led light strip from Ebay and wire it up. Attach it to the outer glass of headlight.
  10. Air Compressors?

    Has anyone tried the Amazon Basics compressor ...
  11. Oracle LED Tail light and Reverse bulbs (sport)

    you just need to add a resistor to fix the warning.
  12. Original or Aftermarket windshield

    just curious, doesnt insurance covers windshields ? I got 2 replaced with insurance in 1 year LOL
  13. Mopar LED Take-Offs- Highbeam and Halo Issue

    Wow nice one. @Tylerjcloud92 do you have any pictures of wiring the halos ? I am trying a dirt cheap way to just add halos to the halogen lamps (like 7$) but not able to figure out how to power the halos. The images here are just trial purpose led strip and powered externally by a 9v battery...
  14. Jeep Wrangler JL Sequential LED DRL & Turn Signals - Morimoto XB LED

    Will that work on Sports models ? I guess no because of DRL ?
  15. DC - Maryland - Virginia

    No, you can buy permit at any of the gas station nearby. I bought it from Exxon that is about 7miles before the trail.
  16. Upgrading base sound system

    I did swap out my stock speakers with the kickers and very easily notice some noise at high volumes, they aren't very clear at high volume (above 24). Is the capacitor going to help like the stock ones had ?
  17. Dash speaker replacement/stock bass blocker/D.I.Y. wiring harness

    So the kicker speakers mentioned here do not have a capacitor whereas the factory ones do. Is there any need to add a capacitor to kickers to block any frequencies ? Why does the factory speaker has it ?
  18. Any Raleigh NC or nearby garage/mehanics/Jeep Specialists

    Saw your jeep on his instagram :)