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  1. 'em

    Here is my two, Cooper, black lab, 14 months old, and Bella, yellow lab, 11 months old.
  2. Check in here if your steering is good. Tight, No wander, No Wobble

    2018 Mojito! JL ordered on 9/08/18, received on 10/18/18, currently at 1750 miles, and I have had no issues. Zelena is AWESOME!
  3. What Vehicle did you have before the JL?

    Actually, I kept the soul! Still love him! His name is Spiffy, but my husband is either driving the Kia or the Dodge Grand Caravan now. He will sell the Kia probably in the spring and find himself something he wants. At least that’s the plan.
  4. What Vehicle did you have before the JL?

    My Jeep is Mojito! Green, and my previous car was a 2013 Kia Soul in Alien Green. I like green.
  5. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Ya’ll should have come over here to Spokane Valley. I got mine from Dishman Dodge, special ordered, at about $5000 below the MSRP before taxes and warranties. I brought Zelena home on the 18th and I am totally in love!
  6. Halloween!!!! Show everyone what you did for the holiday!

    That is awesome! I haven’t had time to even think about decorating for Halloween. I just picked it up from the dealer yesterday! Still trying to get used to it. It is a very different ride than my Kia Soul.
  7. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Hey there, I am in Spokane Valley! Just got my Jeep today! Which dealer did you choose? I got mine through Dishman Dodge.
  8. OMG this is excruciating!

    See, this is where my dealer screwed up. My sales guy told me that because it arrived in Spokane on Saturday, that it would be on the lot and available for pick up on Monday! That is part of the reason I am hounding him we every day. If he doesn’t know that with certainty, he shouldn’t make that...
  9. OMG this is excruciating!

    And I do feel that my dealer should be communicating with me better about it’s status, rather than me reaching out to them every day asking what’s going on, they should be contacting me and letting me know. It’s called customer service.
  10. OMG this is excruciating!

    I totally get that. Honestly I am just shocked with as many trains come through this city every day, that it takes this long to get one train unloaded. If I took this long to do my job, people would die, but I am a nurse. Granted, very different profession. Just shocked. And I needed to vent.
  11. OMG this is excruciating!

    The guy screwed up and originally put me with the 2019 ordering group. I ordered a 2018.
  12. OMG this is excruciating!

    slmonty72 (Wrangler Sahara Unlimited JL - Mojito!) Date ordered: 09/08/2018 Current Status: KZ D1 status date: 09/12/2018 Estimated delivery: 10/12/2018 - 10/18/2018 Built pending inspection: 09/24/18 Production Status KZ Received 09/24/18 09:57:00 AM Ingate / Rebay at Facility 09/24/18...
  13. OMG this is excruciating!

    I am tracking at Jeep Garage. Finally this morning it says the rail car was unloaded! Maybe I will see my Jeep today. I am just growing very impatient. My user name on JG is slmonty72.
  14. OMG this is excruciating!

    I would like to know if any of you have had this same experience. I ordered my Jeep on 9/08/18. I have been following it’s production and watching daily as it has traveled acrossed the states from Toledo to Spokane, WA. The Jeep arrived in Spokane last Saturday, the 13th. As of yet, it has not...
  15. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    My Mojito has finally arrived in my city, but needs to make its way from the train to the dealer so that I can get my hands on it! I ordered on 9/08/18, and have been Jeep obsessing for probably this entire year! Should be able to pick it up on Monday. OMG, this is the first time I have ever...
  16. Opinions wanted

    So, I am about 2 to 3 weeks away from the delivery of my very first Jeep. It is a mojito JL Saraha. I have named her Zelena after the wicked witch on the TV series Once Upon A Time. Anyway, I have been searching around for personalization ideas for my Jeep, but have run into a few snags. I am...
  17. Lost build status break down

    When I first found this forum, I had found a page that listed the breakdowns of the status of a build. I accidentally closed that page and can’t find it. Can anyone else help me relocate that page? Thanks in advance.
  18. What options would you recommend for/against for a new Jeep owner?

    I want the leather option, and I didn’t like the pattern of the seats in the 19. Plus the mojito isn’t available in the 19, so I had to get mine ordered.
  19. What options would you recommend for/against for a new Jeep owner?

    Highly recommend a side by side, or one right after the other comparison. Plus you get to drive a Jeep again. Information is power!