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  1. How often do you replace brakes?

    My 13 JK has 57,000 miles and at 56,000-ish I heard the minor squeal meaning new pads. Purchased EBC rotors and pads, and I still haven’t installed them. The squeak went away and I’m at 1,000 miles since I bought the brake parts. Moral here, unless it’s audible, the stealership is after your...
  2. 2.5" lift- What do I need to do?

    Maybe also consider an adjustable track bar for body alignment and either geometry correction brackets or adjustable LCAs to correct the caster angle.
  3. Best way to sell stock takeoffs?

    I have had a set of JK Sahara 18’s on FB Marketplace asking $150 for weeks now with no luck. the JK forum doesnt seem to have much traffic so I’m about to just list them as free. Big ol PITA
  4. Anyone getting a custom vanity license plate?

    Thanks! Totally understand, some of those plates, and especially the black ones are way over priced! They do look slick though.
  5. Anyone getting a custom vanity license plate?

    LOL, we did a similar thing with our Marine Corps plates!
  6. How many of you have put 35's on stock wheels after lift...???

    General grabber red letters are the sh*t! I wish they still made them. I have AT2’s on my 13 JK and we tried to get the new ATX for the new rubi but General/Continental has them backordered. Ended going with Toyo AT2. Anyway your 12 looks great. OP - we put 35x12.5x17 on our stock rubicon...
  7. Automatic Sky One Touch

    I have a JK Unlimited with hard top, wife’s 2020 Rubicon is the sky one touch. We did not originally want it but the Rubicon we were after “got sold out from under us” so the only other with the Mopar Katskinz leather had the one touch. Having experienced both, we absolutely love the sky one...
  8. Anyone getting a custom vanity license plate?

    B’s and 8’s!! This is on my JK but we’re awaiting approval from DMV for another variation of Bs and 8s for my wife’s JLUR.
  9. My new 35’s

    That’s a nice look! What headlights are those?!