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  1. 2018 JL Clutch Question

    My clutch was replaced at 24k on my 2018 JLUR by the dealer free of charge. It was a bit of a goat rope and I got Jeep Wave involved. It took some negotiating and persistence but in the end FCA reimbursed me for one month’s car payment and as stated I paid nothing for the clutch including a...
  2. Clutch took a dump.

    Ok, I went to the dealer to pick up my jeep after they called to say it was ready and had been test driven by the shop foreman. When I got in and was ready to drive away, I push in the cutch and it was obvious that the clutch had NOT been repaired correctly and had NOT been test driven. The...
  3. Clutch took a dump.

    Mine would occasionally squeak, but not consistently. Seemingly no pattern to good clutch days vs bad clutch days. Warm/cold and heat/humidity not much of a difference. Just got off phone to dealer- they are now replacing the entire pedal assembly. Great.
  4. Clutch took a dump.

    I dropped my Jeep off a week and a half ago with a clutch and seatbelt issue. They are replacing the master and slave cylinders. Issue was that the clutch felt increasingly gritty and “stagey” in its travel. In October they replaced the slave cylinder and the hydraulic fluid. It helped a lot...
  5. How many of you Manual JLs out there like your 6speed?

    Like others have stated, I think it is geared a bit tall- it needs a bit more power down low including reverse. My pedal travel sometimes gets a “notchy” feeling where it isn’t smooth which can make modulation a bit of a challenge sometimes. That being said, I’m happy with my choice even...
  6. 5,000 Mile Reliability Poll

    I have 5800 miles on my JLUR and so far so good- knock on wood
  7. Did you order yours?

    I orderd my JLUR 15 Jul and picked it up 11 Aug. I was surprised at how fast it was from order to pick up.
  8. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Hello, Kirk here from Maryland. Ordered my 6 speed JLUR on 14 Jul and picked it up 11 Aug. over 2k miles so far and really enjoying it.
  9. Daily driver or second vehicle

    I traded in my CVT equipped Honda Civic for my 6 speed JLUR. I have a 60 mile a day commute on DCs notoriously bad beltway and 95 corridor. Seriously considered keeping the Civic as it is a perfect commuter car. Glad I didn’t- I love driving the Jeep- practicality be damned. Less than one...
  10. New JL owners: How long from date of order to delivery

    I ordered min 15 JUL and drove home on 11 AUG. I was very pleased with how fast in progressed.