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  1. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    I tightened the set screw on top of the gear box on both my old aluminum box, and my new iron box. Both only felt slightly tighter afterwards, both still had some play afterwards. I've gone through all my steering linkage and ball joints. Many are reporting no play after this new TSB, I'm going...
  2. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    TSB was completed in October, but I still have a little play.
  3. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    When I login to Mopar and look under Dealer Installed Equipment it shows “Steering Pump & Iron Gear Service Plan”. Is that an indication that they installed the 70F update, or do I still need to ask for the Dealer Connect print out?
  4. Washington Mopar Grill Guard

    No, it sold months ago.

    $40 and buyer pays shipping.
  6. Washington WARN EPIC WINCH HOOK

    It’s been sold months ago, sorry
  7. Washington Warn EVO VR 10-S Winch

    Mounted, but never used. Basically brand new, comes with hook, wireless remote control, fairlead, synthetic line. $720 new on Amazon. Asking $675, local pickup only (cannot ship, or deliver). I have a Warn Winch Mount available too for additional $200.
  8. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    Same here, I still have about 1/4” dead spot, but the steering feels better/tighter after pulling and reinstalling the fuse.
  9. Thrumming Noise at Highway Speeds (63-67ish)

    Did you have the thrumming on the failed axle, or did it start with the new one? Mine has been doing this since new for 14k hasn’t got any better or worse. Kinda used to it now. I figure when something breaks warranty will fix it.
  10. Washington Mopar Grill Guard

    Mopar Grill Guard for steel bumper. Used one month, no scratches. Like new. $150..Buyer pays shipping.
  11. Your favorite NW places in pictures...

    I’m moving to central Oregon next month from Tacoma area. Don’t know anything about the area, what are your favorite spots to go wheeling/exploring? Thanks
  12. Warn VR EVO 10S & Warn Plate Install Pics

    Mine are super tight agains the grill like that too.

    Still available, PM me if interested. Thanks
  14. track bar/ sector shaft brace

    Just the brace, or TB also?
  15. [FIXED] Annoying vibration/rattle from driver dash area

    Thank you so much, this fixed the noise that was driving me insane for the last year. So glad I found your post!
  16. Washington WARN EPIC WINCH HOOK

    Brand new, never used. Asking $30 shipped. Epic Winch Hook is constructed of forged steel, with durable corrosion-resistant E-coat finish. E-Coat provides maximum protection and reliability against wear, impact and abrasion, Constructed from ultra-strong forged steel and Uniquely designed with...

    Opened, but not installed. Brand new, still in packaging. Asking $20 shipped. AEV’s Winch Hook Isolator eliminates unwanted rattles or the need to attach your winch hook to a recovery point when not in use. Installation is easy – simply disconnect your winch hook, run your cable through the...
  18. Washington Maximus-3 Winch Hook Anchor

    Like new, black. Installed for a couple days, but found a different way to store my winch hook. $50 + shipping...
  19. Recall V88 2018-2020 Rear Quarter Windiws

    Just saw this in my app too, the .pdf won’t open.