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  1. High Fender Flare Like/Dislike?

    Now that you've brought this to my attention... I honestly cannot unsee it and it's starting to bother me also LOL.
  2. Who else is in the "I'm still waiting to buy a Wrangler club"? What are you waiting for?

    Still waiting. Still messing around with the Jeep website on a weekly basis. Just waiting for my visa to be approved and then I will pay the deposit. Beep beep!
  3. Chinese floor mats - stitched? Anyone try these?

    Both my parents have these type of generic mats in their cars. They're fine. My Dad's car is a 2006 and the mats are still holding up. Those ones are very overpriced though. You might have better luck using Bhiner to surf Taobao (the Chinese version of eBay). Edit: I forgot to mention that...
  4. OEM auto dimming rear view mirror

    So what's the deal with auto dimming side mirrors? Is that included in the 8" infotainment system along with the auto dimming rearview? Website is unclear about it :(
  5. QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

    :) Thanks for your thorough answer.
  6. Reputable NorCal Dealers?

    South County? Is that discount contingent on taking their financing?
  7. QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Does the alpine sound system eat into trunk space?
  8. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Wow guys. The more I see your Mojito Jeeps, the more I think it's just such an incredible colour. Keep these pictures coming!
  9. JL in Europe

    I've been seeing quite a few around London in last couple of years. Chelsea Truck Co. builds (huge logo on the 5th wheel.) You're right though, it's a total fantasy. The cost is insane and no way most people are even considering the JL. Lots of farmers are moving away from JLR and onto to...
  10. European JL Wrangler details and photos released ahead of September launch

    Indicators on wing mirrors and amber indicators in taillights. Oh Europe... you really have us safety squares covered lol.
  11. QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Oh joy! I don't have to worry about it then. :D Thanks lol.
  12. QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Is there a way to temporarily disable the alarm on a JL? Say if you want to leave the dog in the car or you want to lock the Jeep but sleep inside without setting the motion sensors off.
  13. How's Cruise Control Performance?

    Awesome :) Sounds great. Thank you! After losing momentum in 6th it would slow down and driver input would be needed for a drop to 5th in order to maintain the desired speed. From what I'm hearing 6th is basically for cruising at 900000mph. A lot of people never really use it. Yes the 2018...
  14. Bestop JL Product Lineup

    SUNRIDER FOR HARDTOP! This is the only reason I will not be ordering dual top group.
  15. Driving on the Beach

    Air down your tyres, you will be fine. I've done this exact thing in a Subaru Forester and it did brilliantly so a Jeep will have no problems whatsoever. The Taco will be great too but you can't take the top or doors off! :)
  16. The clutch gang!

    Aw dang. I just rented a cheapo European compact where the ESS kicked in. Blew my mind! LOL. Thanks for your reply! Yeah I honestly feel that a push button start is a little weird without proximity entry. Also it's often one of those quirky little electronic parts that develops a fault early...
  17. The clutch gang!

    Alright clutch gang! I have a question only you can answer. If you stall in your MT JL, does the ESS kick in when you depress the clutch, effectively managing the stall without you having to turn the engine back on yourself?
  18. Reputable NorCal Dealers?

    Thank you for that information :) Glad it was smooth and easy. Appreciate your help!
  19. Sport S vs Rubicon almost a wash on Price?

    Come to the dark side... we have red stitching... :D
  20. Sport S vs Rubicon almost a wash on Price?

    Yes of course, that goes without saying :)