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  1. Dear Jeep, please don't make a "weird" hybrid version of the Wrangler...

    Pretty sure FCA would need to have a legitimate BEV drivetrain *somewhere* before conjuring a BEV wrangler out of thin air. As much as I’d love one, and I would, it’s just not realistic to expect anything like that in the next 3-5 years. Look at all the other mfrs who are releasing BEVs in...
  2. So, Sahara or Rubicon?

    Not which to buy, but which do you think the PHEV will be designed for? Will it be a pacifica style MPG improver that’s worthless offroad, or will Jeep do something awesome with the amazing torque available from electric motors to make a rock crawling beast?
  3. Ordered three months ago... Delivered to dealer Friday. They sold it to SOMEONE ELSE on Saturday!

    I don't really get this - "Jeep Corporate" didn't screw anything up, it seems like this is on your dealer 100% plain and simple. Why would you get all bent out of shape at Jeep over the crummy actions of an independant dealership that they have little to no control over?
  4. 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL Info - What's New (So Far)?

    That sounds like an implementation problem, not a problem with the underlying idea...
  5. Trade value of a JLUR?

    Sounds like you’re in a bit of a tough spot. At the end of the day though, you’d be a LOT better off of you either delivered pizzas one night a week to make up the $170, or just sell the Jeep on CL and skip making car payments altogether. I know it’s not as much fun to drive a hoopty while...
  6. Jeep JL Wrangler 3.6L vs 2.0T HP/TQ curve comparison (dyno chart)

    The 3.6 is supposed to be getting BSG (etorque) in 2019 - do you expect them to drop the 6MT at the same time?
  7. Jeep JL Wrangler 3.6L vs 2.0T HP/TQ curve comparison (dyno chart)

    That doesn’t make much sense unless you assume the auto has a lower 1st gear ratio than the manual, which I’m pretty sure ain’t the case - is it?
  8. Taking Doors Off - remove spring?

    I’ve read elsewhere on the forum that you can push the door check all the way in and just leave it unattached- obviously you won’t have the detents stopping your doors, but keeps have been ok without those for ages.
  9. EPA MPG numbers published for 2.0L Turbo Wrangler JL

    Guess we’ll just have to wait and see - I’ve got a 2.0 turbo in the driveway that’s 10 years older than this one, and it runs great on 87. Slightly better on 91 apparently, but I could never tell a difference myself.
  10. EPA MPG numbers published for 2.0L Turbo Wrangler JL

    Wow, your wrangler either has a really huge gas tank, or you're getting screwed on 91 octane. Most places I see are a $0.20 difference, which equates to about $3.60 per tank - assuming you choose to use 91 and don't just run 87 anayway.
  11. EPA MPG numbers published for 2.0L Turbo Wrangler JL

    I think most people are assuming this because literally every reviewer that drove both said the turbo 4 was faster, felt faster, and clearly had more power down low.
  12. EPA MPG numbers published for 2.0L Turbo Wrangler JL

    Why wouldn't someone buy this engine in a Rubi? It's got more torque, and more low-end than the 3.6, all while giving a bit more range for overlanding - sounds like a win all around.
  13. Extending Clutch Pedal

    Much love for short round
  14. Temperature threshold for doors off

    My threshold is whatever temp it is when I need to drive and the doors are off. I’m not puttin them back on just cuz it’s a little chilly!
  15. Overnight Dew

    OMG - one more reason for @LydiaSP613 to fear squirrels...
  16. ICI Magnum RT Series Cab Length Side Step Bars

    I’ve got a magnum front bumper and side steps on my F-250, and I literally get stopped by people to ask where I got them and how they can get them. Very happy, could not endorse more...
  17. "Wonky" things...

    My guess is the cabin temp sensor was too hot yesterday and thought it had to keep the engine running for the AC.
  18. Why can't we use Carplay and JL wirelessly

    The real answer is because FCA was too cheap to add wireless CarPlay to their radio. It’s existed for a while now - I have it and love it. Doesn’t require BT 5.0 or anything wild (that would have excluded a lot of old phones, and Apple probably didn’t want to do that), but it does use WiFi.
  19. Overnight Dew

    Yup - a towel is all you need. Any moisture on the carpet/dash will dry out quickly in he sun. Before I started carrying a towel in my Jeep, my butt would get wet if I drove before about 9am - no bueno.
  20. Obsessed with red... 100s of red accessories, red parts, red upgrades, red mods & more!

    Okeedokee! Not mine (I’ve got a red lower and upper, but black everything else) but it looks like it might match