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  1. Uconnect keeps crashing and rebooting

    Thanks! F97 was fix for me! So tired of the reboot. This is my 3rd radio replacement....not under warranty now so the self fix was helpful.
  2. Uconnect Update Question

    This was me to until this afternoon. Never had an update and then it updated today. No issues.
  3. Premium Soft Top, Winter, Ice? A Problem?

    Survived a winter in Rhode issues.
  4. Stuck in reverse?

    Can’t fix stupid but you can fix your flag.
  5. Wiring 6 kc lights to AUX switch

    When you say “ kill the white and black does that mean you just connect green to aux but you don’t have to ground it? When
  6. Mopar AUX Switch Install Help needed

    No luck. Those look like suggestions for if it was installed during manufacturing.
  7. Anyone Tow a Camper? Size? Pics?

    Awesome setup. That’s what I’m eyeing for the future.
  8. Mopar AUX Switch Install Help needed

    Happen to know what fuse? That would be amazing if this was the fix.
  9. Sun visor warning decal removal mod

    It was a 2 beer operation.
  10. Sun visor warning decal removal mod

    Finished up hair dryer surgery. The vinyl will look like it’s stretched but once it cools off it regains original form. I know you can see the slight discoloration but I think this looks better without stickers. Removed after 14 months of purchase and was an easy job.
  11. Tazer JL firmware 11.0.8 posted! 3/6/19 This worked for me after contacting their support line. After just click disconnect and connect and it started pulling in 11.0.8.
  12. Tazer JL firmware 11.0.8 posted! 3/6/19

    How did you fix it?
  13. Off road pages. It’s time

    My wifi hotspot worked too but I didn't get the OTA update. Also yesterday my Off Road Pages disappeared...this is just comical at this point.
  14. Bike Rack Options??

    That looks like a good piece of gear...what brand is your hi/lo? I just got a an extender.
  15. Has anyone succussfully flashed aux switches with Tazer?

    I'm in the same boat and I'm going to recheck my connections. What were the steps for enabling Aux on the TAzer?
  16. Off road pages. It’s time

    Reference this Star Case with JEEP CARES - 101323601 Background: Didn't get ORP. Tried 2 times with UConnect trying to push update OTA. I did the suggested reset of personal settings both times. Finally realized the software on the radio was not the most up to date. Dealer: 3 trips to...