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  1. Was FORD really the first "Jeep"?

    This is accurate. The Ford GPW and Willy’s MB are 100% indistinguishable, and most surviving war jeeps are a combination of Ford and Willy’s-Overland vehicles due to parts sharing in the field. There are only a couple ways to tell which one it was from the factory, bolt head stamps being one...
  2. Gladiators! Who has one?

    Owned a JLUR for 20k miles before trading it in on a Gladiator. We go camping a lot and the Wrangler just didn’t have the room we needed (family of 5) or towing capacity to pull a trailer. Ended up getting a max tow model last November. With a soft tonneau cover everything in the bed stays...
  3. Suggested Mods for Expectant Father?

    Yeah I think the one we have is 8’.
  4. Soft-Top v Hardtop

    I had both and in the end decided the hard top was best. Easy enough to remove with a diy strap setup in garage and much less heat and noise transmission.
  5. In case you're wavering on ordering the steel bumper option

    Active safety group on my Gladiator saved my ass once. Rainy Wednesday evening on way home tired from long day at work, bumper to bumper traffic, exit onto a connecting freeway exchange at about 45mph, look over shoulder to check for opening, and bam, the alert goes off. Grey SUV changed lanes...
  6. Heated Shifter for Manual

    Guys. Two gloved hands on the wheel unless shifting! No need to rest your hand there, it isn’t going to run away.
  7. Texas Sold

    Sold, thanks
  8. Texas Sold

    Not planning a trip to corpus in the near future unfortunately.
  9. Suggested Mods for Expectant Father?

    Get this tube that redirects the backseat air conditioning. Kids in the rear facing seats don't get any airflow and get hot pretty easily. I route mine under the seat and up and around the...
  10. Texas Sold

    $1300, Houston area. Tinted windows, black premium soft top. A few light scratches on the back window, but nothing too bad. Top in great shape otherwise. Local transactions only, can meet pretty much anywhere in Houston.
  11. Wires to cab from engine bay

    Don’t accidentally cut through the wiring insulation....
  12. Wires to cab from engine bay

    Passenger side rubber grommet behind the glove box along with the factory wires. It’s a huge pain in the butt. I used a coat hanger and a screw driver to pierce the double walled grommet and then pushed the cable through from the footwell. Make sure the cable is oriented the right way before...
  13. Stop/Start Not Ready-Battery Charging

    Had this issue. Bad small battery. Since they are wired in parallel when the jeep is off, the small battery eventually killed the big battery. Dealer replaced both under warranty.
  14. Opinions on BFG KO2 tires

    KO2's work great in the mud and sand, no rock experience. I put them through the ringer several times in some really thick stuff, thought for sure I was going to get stuck, but they haven't let me down yet. Diffs locked and high rpm's is the key. You can run them through sand dunes, or foot...
  15. Texas SOLD - for sale or trade premium soft top for hard top - Houston, TX

    Okay, any reason you want to switch to a hard top? Noise, leaks, security, etc ?
  16. Is that... Am I... parked next to the ORIGINAL??? **PICS**

    Both Ford and Willys MB's had 9 slots, it was the Willy's CJ-2A that first got the 7 slot grill. As far as spotting the difference between Ford and Willys MB's, there's not much to notice. I believe some bolts have an "F" stamped on them on the Ford models, but both had to have completely...
  17. JL Center Console Saddle Bags

    Awesome Mark. Still very much looking forward to them.
  18. JL Center Console Saddle Bags

    Any news with the saddle bags?
  19. Louisiana G17 Gibson Leather Holster

    Driver or passenger side?